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World Water Day

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 Mar 2014

Can you believe that 1,800 million people in the world may be facing ‘absolute water scarcity’ by 2025? The predictions released by IFAD highlights the need to conserve the most important natural resource for life. The United Nations suggests that a person requires around 20-50 litres of safe freshwater every day for domestic purposes – drinking, cooking and cleaning. With millions of people not having access to clean water, the UN General Assembly declared March 22 as World Water Day in 1993.


World Water Day: The Purpose

We are all aware of how critical water is to survival. The scarcity of water is not a secret either. Despite these facts, we tend to take water for granted, having long showers and keeping the tap on while brushing our teeth. Word Water Day, started 21 years ago, was initiated as a global reminder to people of how precious water is and how critical it is for us to conserve water.

Every year, one aspect of water conservation is identified; and the UN agencies and member countries dedicate this day to promote awareness and activities related to that.

What’s Planned for World Water Day 2014

The main objective of World Water Day this year is to draw attention to the relationship between water and energy. This is because water and energy are closely interlinked. On one hand, energy generation and transmission uses water resources. This is not only true for hydroelectricity, but is also applicable to nuclear and thermal energy. On the other hand, significant energy is consumed in pumping, treating and transporting water for consumption. The UN proposes to pay particular attention to identifying best practices that could result in a ‘green’ world that is water and energy efficient. To this extent, the aim is to encourage the energy sector and the water domain to have integrated solutions to address the global water-energy issues.

How You Can Contribute

No effort is too small when we speak of water conservation. Every drop you save counts! So, this Word Water Day, ensure to increase awareness in your home and workplace about the need to conserve water. Repairing leaking pipes, shutting of taps while washing utensils, accumulating more clothes before running the washing machine… there are so many things that you can do to contribute.

In case you wish to know more, you can download the World Water Day 2014 Advocacy Guide on Water and Energy.

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