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10 good habits your body will love!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 01 Feb 2011

Love your body? Here are 10 good habits your body will love! Imbibe these habits to boost your chance to have a happy, healthy life.

1. Sleep – Surprised? More than proper ‘work out’, your body needs a proper rest. Sleep reduces stress, makes you more alert, and keeps heart healthy. Your body’s repair and rejuvenation takes place when you are in slumber land. So grab a pillow and have a good night sleep!

2. Yoga / Workout – Imagine, you fill your car with fuel. You don’t use it, but keep filling petrol…it would overflow…right? It’s similar with your body. The energy you get from food has to be used up by workout or yoga. Yoga improves your flexibility and tones your muscles. Workout increases strength and improves stamina.

3. Food – Just as you need the right colours in right quantity to create a beautiful painting, you need the nutrients in right quantity for a healthy body. Modify your diet to include the right amount of Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals and Roughage.

4. Stress free life – Stress affects your whole body. It can make you gain weight, lose hair and sleep. It may even affect your heart, blood pressure. So work out to eliminate stress.

5. Pollution free atmosphere – What’s the use of pranayam, if the air you breathe is polluted? Making your surroundings pollution-free easier said than done! But there are steps you can take. For example, prefer to buy organic products to avoid pesticides. Choose greener habits. Collectively we can make a difference.

6. Active day – Try to remain active the whole day. Take a “walk break” or play games at work. It would be much better than working out for an hour and then sitting behind the desk the whole day. It helps you remain healthy and improves your stamina. Also, it aids in a good night sleep.

7. A good laugh – Laughter may not be a medicine, but it certainly has many benefits. It increases blood flow and helps reduce stress. A good laughter exercises your belly muscles and boosts your immunity too!

8. Water – 70% of body is water. A good quantity of water intake flushes away all toxins. So grab a bottle, fill it with water and keep drinking from it. Experts believe that people drink the fluid more frequently when they carry a bottle.

9. Learning – It’s necessary to keep your brain active too. Research suggests that by constantly challenging brain to do tasks or by constantly trying to learn new things, one may prevent dementia. So pick a musical instrument, learn a new language or daily crossword, sudoku and exercise the neurons.

10. Quit bad habits – Balanced diet, proper workout and every other healthy practice becomes useless if you smoke or drink heavily. Make an effort to free yourself from the clutches of bad habits and your body will more than appreciate it!

Don’t just read it. Implement it. Love your body and it will let you live life to the fullest.

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