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5 Health Gadgets That Help You Keep Fit

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 12 Feb 2014

Keeping fit is not that difficult anymore! The market is overloaded with interesting health gadgets and toys that can make it easy for you to keep track of your health. Be it your breathing rate or heartbeat, increasing weight or rising glucose levels, all of these health parameters can be monitored at home with these simple gadgets.

 health1. Body Analyzer

It’s not all about measuring your weight this time. You can get a smart body analyzer is an upgrade to the conventional weighing machines, as it also measures your BMI, body fat percentage and resting heart rate. This gadget also monitors indoor air quality, so as to keep a track of how the environment may be affecting your sleeping habits.


2. Glucometer

We all tend to eat junk food and fast food more often than is really healthy. This can increase sugar levels. A glucometer is a device specially designed for diabetic patients who wish to keep track of their blood glucose levels even on the go. This device measures your blood glucose and also keeps a track of your thyroid levels.

3. Pulse Oximeter

Are you pursuing a sport? Or maybe you are enjoying your latest hobby of going for an early morning jog. Whatever the case may be, you could do well with a pulse oximeter. This handy gadget will display your pulse rate and your oxygen concentration level in a matter of minutes. The gadget is portable – small enough to fit in your palm – while the LED display is large enough for clarity of reading.

4. Digital Step Counter

With the sedentary lives we lead today, some exercise is a must. But who has the time for going to the gym? The best exercise is to take a walk or go for a jog. Here’s a tool that will help you count your steps for both walking and jogging. It has a robust spring clip, so that you can attach the gadget to your belt or backpack.

5. Multi-Purpose Massager

Relax and give yourself a massage with this revolutionary gadget. A massage with a gadget like this improves your metabolism and facilitates deeper, efficient penetration of nutrients such as skin lotions and creams. You can get one that uses electrical muscle stimulation technology to energize skin cells and muscles. There are devices available that are lightweight and may even fit in your pocket!

So don’t compromise on your health anymore. Get smart and use these smart devices to stay healthy and happy.


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