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5 Reasons Why You Must Have a Health Insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 May 2020

As a smart investor, people have become aware of the importance of preserving their hard-earned money. As much as putting funds into fixed return assets, mutual funds and other avenues are popular, one more investment is crucial that ensures your well-being is not hindered. It is a health insurance, that you should have to make sure that nothing comes your way of treatment or care when required.

Why should you have health insurance?

  1. Comprehensive medical coverage

Having medical insurance will cover most of the medical expenses that will come up in case of an ailment, disease or accident. There are several plans that cover maternity expenses as well. This will ensure you will never fall short of funds in getting the best treatment for your family or self.

  1. The family is also covered

Most of the companies allow you to buy medical insurance for a family. Once you buy your health plan, you can always add on more members of the family who you want to get covered under the same plan.

  1. Times are uncertain

The recent corona outbreak is an eye-opener for people who were not insured. The treatment is expensive since dedicated care units are allotted to affected people. The IRDAI has instructed insurance companies to come up with specific health insurance for coronavirus in the wake of recent events.

  1. Your savings will be preserved

The first withdrawal in case of a medical emergency is from the savings account. You will either drain your bank account to the last penny or break your fixed deposits that will put the scheme in jeopardy. Having health insurance is like having an umbrella over the raincoat. Your coat will get drench into the water only if the scope of the umbrella has finished.

  1. Cashless coverage of pre and post hospitalization procedures

One of the biggest benefits of having an extensive health plan is that you will not be required to intervene every time the payment is made. Upon the initial credential sharing and verification, your insurer will be in direct contact with the hospital for all payment related concerns. This covers not only the in-hospital treatment charges but also the check-ups, medicines and other daycare related to the treatment.


Having a medical insurance policy in such unpredictable times may prove to be a blessing. You can always be assured that you and your family will get the best-in-class treatment when required.

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