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Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance Policy

Welcoming a child into your lives is a moment that everyone looks forward to. The moment that they hold their child in their hands is one unparalleled to anything else. In order to ensure that you can bring this little bundle of joy birth without any discomfort, it is advisable to the right protection in place. Since the pregnancy period and the delivery itself calls for huge expenses, it is beneficial for expecting parents to avail a maternity benefit.

Here are 5 things you should know about maternity benefit.

  1. 1. There has been a high demand for maternity benefit among the young population. Therefore, insurers have made it a point to include a maternity benefit in your medical insurance Therefore, if you have an existing medical insurance, then you should verify whether or not, it provides a maternity benefit.

  2. 2. The maternity benefit can only be availed after a buffer period of 3-4 years. Therefore, if you purchase a maternity benefit once you are already pregnant, you will not be able to use its benefits. It is advisable to purchase a medical insurance with a maternity benefit in advance, this way you can avail the benefits when you are expecting.

  3. 3. Hospital charges and nurseries can be an expensive ordeal. However, if you have a maternity benefit in your health insurance you do not need to worry about this. Thus, at the time of your delivery, you can choose the hospital that is best suited for you and your new-born. This is a huge benefit since it makes the delivery process a smooth and hassle-free one.

  4. 4. You should ensure that your maternity benefit protects you from any unforeseen expenses. When one is pregnant, there can be multiple instances which may be a cause of concern. Therefore, in such circumstances it is relieving to know that you have a maternity benefit to protect you. An emergency like false labour can be a costly affair as it would include an extra trip to the hospital, thus extra charges. Another disheartening unforeseen circumstance would be miscarriages. In a situation that may be so emotionally, mentally and physically painful, the last thing you would want is to be worried about finances. Therefore, in such a circumstance if you are insured you are safe.

  5. 5. The clauses under each maternity benefit may vary from one insurer to the next. Therefore, before choosing your plan be sure to check the inclusions and the exclusions of your policy. Some insurers also offer a vaccination cover for your new-born in the first year. Once your child is born, in order to ensure his/her health, it is necessary to get them vaccinated. These vaccinations may be expensive for which reason some insurers include this clause in their maternity benefit. Other clauses may include, maternity benefit for more than one child and/or new-born.

Having a baby is not just the most joyful experience of your life but also one of the most precious. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that there are no hiccups on the way.


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