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7 reasons to know why you should insure your child

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 09 Nov 2011

Children are the most beautiful and valuable gift, amidst all the blessings of God. When a child falls sick or meets with an accident and require medical help as parents we are in financial agony apart from mental agony.

While prayers to God and service of efficient medicos can help in bringing the child to normal health, the hole in your pocket due to hospital bill will still require an external help.


Health Insurance is the ideal solution in such situation.

Here are seven reasons on how health insurance can provide that extra additional protection to your child’s health.

  • Premium for children are very much affordable  . For a coverage of Rs.1 lakh the expense would be less than Rs.3 per day.
  • Children diagnosed with congenital internal disease after taking health policy can get a complete coverage .  Curing a congenital heart disease costs more than Rs.1 lakh today.
  • Children upto the age of having sufficient immunity are prone to many infectious diseases.

If situations compel for hospitalisation then health insurance comes as a financial protection

  • Naughty and active children are prone to get hurt in accidents which may sometime would require a hospitalisation.  Health Insurance relieves you from financial burden
  • Outdoor excursions may sometime lead to situations of bodily injury which some time might require inpatient treatment.  Health Insurance is a perfect solution for getting a cashless hospitalisation in any remote area even when you take some time to reach your child.
  • You can get Income Tax relief for premium you pay for your child’s health
  • You can invest the hospital bill amount which would otherwise been spent from your pocket,if you did not have health insurance. This investment can help the child in expenses for higher studies.

With all the above advantages of insuring your child you can now insure your dependent children between 91 days to 21 years with Royal Sundaram Healthcare Insurance.  What we require is to get atleast one adult of your family covered along with your child. So, insure your child and assure 100% health protection.

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