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A Smile a Day keeps the Doctors Away

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 01 Oct 2013

A smile a day keeps the doctors awayEver wondered how good and special it feels when a passerby smiles at you for no reason whatsoever? Ever wondered what your reaction to such an incident might be?

A smile is invariably the indicator of a pleasant disposition and a healthy temperament. The more you stretch those ends of your lips from ear to ear, the more cheerful and friendly you’re perceived to be. It is natural to smile at hilarious jokes and gestures of goodwill in our day-to-day lives, but we need to learn to smile even when we don’t have a strong reason to. This is how a pleasant beam might repay you in the longer run. Still wondering how?

Smile Your Way to Complete Psychological and Physical Fitness

A smile brings happiness to the soul and the body and makes people feel good about one self. The proven scientific benefits of smiling are:

  • Smiling helps the body lighten up, which in turn bolsters the immune system to fight any harmful elements to the mind or the body. Smiling also helps lowering the heart rate and helps keep blood pressure under check.
  • Smiling is said to increase the life span. Anybody who doesn’t miss an opportunity to smile or have a hearty laugh about anything is said to add a few years to their lives.
  • There is scientific reason to the medical benefits of smiling – staying jovial at most times accustoms the body to release hormones that keep the spirits up. Laughter and smiling are proven agents of lessening pain. They use endorphins as natural analgesics and do not let depression overpower the individual.
  • Smiles keep the cosmetologist away too, for it has now been established that flashing your teeth pleasantly can give you instant face-lifts. Wear a smile and keep ageing at bay!

Endorphins and serotonin released by smiling do a lot for the body and keeping doctors away. These keep stress and hormones causing stress away by making the body feel good and gradually code this into the mind. This is commonly understood as positive outlook towards the difficulties and challenges in life.

That smiling is contagious is almost a cliché now, but still very worthwhile to human interaction. One beaming person in a group can instantly cause the others to return the favor and actually make joy infectious. This results in a massive accumulation of positive energy and raises health levels tremendously, keeping the doctor very far away!

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