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Advice for People with Health Conditions Amid Coronavirus

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 26 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world, with millions of active cases and thousands of deaths. To manage the spread of the virus, governments across the world have implemented various measures like social distancing, country-wide lockdowns, regular issue of health guidelines, etc. In India, as well, the Government has put the country into total lockdown from which has been extended since. The various government departments – central, state and local, issue regular public welfare announcements regarding the guidelines to follow during this phase of a health emergency. Though the COVID-19 does not discriminate between various age groups or types of people, there are certain age groups with a higher risk of contracting the virus.


The age group with a higher risk of Coronavirus

  1. Elderly
  2. People with existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments, cancer, etc.
  3. People with low immunity and already existing respiratory ailments
  4. People who have recently visited or are in touch with others who have visited any of the worst affected areas in the world over the past 14 days
  5. Infants or children

Considering the wide number of people falling under the high-risk age group, it is better to be vigilant about following the basic hygiene advice on handwashing, disposing of tissues post-use, covering the nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing, social distancing and so on.


Health insurance to cover Coronavirus

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has issued guidelines stating that the COVID-19 expenses and medical treatments will be covered for all the existing health insurance holders, basis the terms and conditions of their policy. Also, the Coronavirus-based claims will be processed on a priority basis and expedited to ensure speedy disbursal to the affected individuals.

If you are a person in the age group with a higher risk of Coronavirus, ensure that you have adequate health insurance to cover Coronavirus. Additionally, it is advisable that you practice the prescribed measures and guidelines so that you lower or eliminate your risk of getting infected.


Health guidelines for people with existing health conditions amid COVID-19

  1. Reduce social contact

It is advisable that you follow all the prescribed rules of lockdown and social distancing put across by the authorities and departments. Ensure you are in touch with your loved ones through text, phone or mail. Limit going out for groceries or any other essential necessities.

  1. Take Preventive Measures

Being in complete self-isolation may not be entirely practical. Therefore, ensure you take the right preventive measures to safeguard yourself from the virus spread. Wear masks whenever you go out, preferably wear gloves when you go grocery shopping or to a supermarket. Since the virus droplets often land on surfaces, repeatedly keep sanitizing or washing your hands and avoid touching your face without washing.

  1. Keep Medicines Ready

Old age is often accompanied by various ailments and physical health problems. Thus, ensure you have your medicines ready and in stock. Similarly, people with existing illness should keep track of their medications and get the stock refilled in advance with doctor’s recommendations. Prepare yourself well in the event of complete lockdown or self-isolation and keep medications handy.

  1. Maintain Good Hygiene

Ensure the surfaces that are repeatedly touched a lot such as countertops, cabinets, stove, microwave, doorknobs, phones, light switches, etc. are cleaned regularly with water as well as detergents or disinfectants.

  1. Be Mentally and Physically Active

Being enclosed for days or months in a house can be suffocating and bring about negative emotions. It is advisable that you indulge in some form of physical exercise, be it in the form of yoga or walks in the house or stairs. Further, practice some form of self-care such as meditation, reading, hobbies, etc. that can keep you balanced and improve your overall well-being.


It is not clear if the virus can relapse in an already recovered patient. Thus, in order for your body to combat it, you need to ensure your immunity levels are high and that you are physically and mentally strong. A balanced diet, physical activity, and mental peace with low levels of stress can go a long way in your fight against this pandemic.     

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