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Checklist for Couples Planning to Have a Child

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 Feb 2018


The arrival of a new child is a huge step shrouded in a blanket of unknowns. The only thing easy to predict in this unforgettable experience is that your life will change. Starting from pregnancy to long after the baby is born, you and your partner will go through a roller-coaster ride of shifting priorities, responsibilities, expectations, and values. This rumble-tumble ride can however be made smooth with proper planning. Let’s have a run down through the ultimate checklist you and your partner need before planning to have a baby:


  1. 1. Financial Planning: The first step to writing a new chapter of your life starts with making a financial budget. Pregnancy is a costly affair, make sure you have the funds to pay for all the baby expenses. Analyse your financial plan thoroughly, and if it lacks somewhere, look for solutions to make it better. Always keep a slush fund aside for emergencies.


  1. 2. Doctor on call: Consult a good doctor before deciding to embark on a journey of parenthood. Regular health check-ups, and visits to the gynaecologist can help you address any issues with fertility, pre-natal care, and childcare. Your gynaecologist will also prescribe required medicines for a healthy pregnancy.


  1. 3. Medical history: Have a look at you and your partner’s medical history to be better aware of what your child will be inheriting. Talk to your doctor to know about how your medical history may affect your future baby.


  1. 4. Insurance plan: Having insurance is crucial, especially for young couples planning for a baby. Go for plans that offer maternity benefits, such as cover for new-born baby, and vaccinations in the first year. Family Plus by Royal Sundaram also offers a nutritional allowance for mothers post-discharge, along with other maternity benefits.


  1. 5. Get vaccinations: Sometimes, the mothers have to get vaccination shots before, during and after pregnancy. Consult your doctor and get required protection.


  1. 6. Support System on Standby: Pregnancy can be a stressful ordeal, but you can always depend on your loved ones to help you through it. Have your friends and family close by during this momentous time. You and your partner need a solid support system to lean on during tough times. Or just for some fun, stress-relieving sessions.


  1. 7. Mental Preparation: Furthering your family is a great choice, but only if your mental health at the moment allows you to. Along with your body, make your mind ready for accepting new roles in life.


  1. 8. Living conditions: Take a look at where you live from an expectant parent’s eyes. Is the locality safe for a new child? Is there enough space for a baby in your house? Will your house be a safe haven or a dangerous place for a toddler? What needs to be changed? Ask yourself these questions and find solutions for unsatisfactory answers.


  1. Lifestyle: Analyse your lifestyle and behaviours and cut out the bad stuff. Say no to alcohol, smoking, drugs, tobacco, parties and any other vice you may have that will be detrimental to your baby. Inculcate healthy habits instead. Eat good food. Exercise. Spend quality with your loved ones.


  1. Consult Parents: Who better to give you parenting advice than your own parents? Let them regale stories of your childhood, parenting mishaps, funny anecdotes etc.,. The wisdom hidden there will be unfound in many parenting books.


  1. Communicate with your partner: This is by far the most important. You are not alone in this journey, your partner walks with you, hand in hand. Talk about your expectations, wants, and fears. You both need to be on the same page, or at least somewhere close by, to take on this life-altering responsibility of parenthood. Best of luck!

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