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Health insurance has become a necessity these days. Given the uncertainties in life and in the light of the recent pandemic of Coronavirus, it is discernible that people are rethinking their health care regime and revising their health insurance. With the recent announcement by IRDAI instructing insurance providers to include all the treatment related to Coronavirus under the same health insurance policy, people are at a great relief. However, a lot of people are in an outlook for specific medical insurance for Coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that originally came from animals. There have been several cases of Coronavirus previously as well, but the current virus is a new addition. More commonly called Covid-19, this is a novel Coronavirus that was first reported in Wuhan province, China. The virus has spread fast across the world, contaminating more than 100 odd countries, including India.

Does your regular health insurance cover Coronavirus?

A lot of policyholders are concerned about the coverage of Coronavirus under their regular health insurance. Since the exact cure of this soon-to-be pandemic is unknown, doctors and experts are treating patients with different medications that have been successful in curing similar viral infections. Recent speculation claims that the Coronavirus is similar to HIV infection that requires expensive treatment. The patient needs to be hospitalized and kept in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for an indefinite number of days, which may go up to even weeks of hospitalization. This prolonged requirement for medical care has created distress among policyholders. Getting health insurance essentially accounts for easily accessible funds that can do not come the way of treatment in times of need.

Rider add-ons to the health insurance policy to cover Coronavirus cases

Since the Covid-19 outbreak is new to the world, the health insurance policies are not designed with its inclusion. However, a lot of insurance companies have come up with specific riders that cover the pre and post-hospitalization costs of this new epidemic. While the world stands united against this outbreak, the insurance companies are also concerned about their policyholders and have made several announcements regarding the settlement of Coronavirus cases.

Several insurers have also clarified that Coronavirus cases will be treated under the same health insurance policy as their existing health insurance, and the settlement process will be accelerated to ensure the fast and recovery of the patient.

What are the inclusions under medical insurance for Coronavirus?

The settlement process for any claims related to Coronavirus treatment will be done in the same manner as a normal health insurance claim. Since the Coronavirus is an infection and general health care policies already have coverage for infections, the process remains similar.

In case of a Coronavirus patient, following is the coverage provided by the health insurance policy:

  1. * Hospitalization charges both pre and post
  2. * All patient-related procedures while being hospitalized
  3. * Ambulance costs
  4. * All medicines and injections
  5. * Check-up related costs

What is the procedure for initiating a claim against the health insurance policy?

The claim settlement procedure against medical insurance for Coronavirus is as follows:

Step 1: Intimation of claim

In case you need to initiate a claim against your medical insurance for pre-planned medicare, you need to inform the company at least 48 hours before claiming the settlement. If there is an emergency, then the intimation must be done within 48 hours of hospitalization.

Step 2: Set forth the claim

The next step is to orderly fill the claim form and submit it to the insurance company. Along with the claim form, you will be required to attach certain documents that are mandatory for a claim process. You can check with the insurance company or its representative to know about the required documents. Also, the credentials of the patient will be required to initiate the settlement process.

Step 3:  Settlement initiation

Once the claim form is received at the company’s end, the credentials are cross-checked, and the settlement process is initiated. As per the company’s terms and conditions, the due amount is paid to the policyholder.

The amount to be paid to the policyholder is decided based on the plan they have opted for, riders taken and the premium amount. The premium amount can be calculated using the Health Insurance Premium Calculator.


To be sure of the coverage of your health insurance policy, you must carefully read the offer document and consult the insurance company in case of any confusion. Using an online premium calculator gives you the leverage of selecting from the best available options as per requirement and payment capacity. With so many outbreaks in a row, getting a health insurance plan has become a necessity.

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