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Cut Back On The FAT!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 18 Jun 2015

‘I wish I could lose weight as easily as I lose my keys, my phone, my temper, and even my mind!’ – Anonymous

This is a sentiment that every one of us can identify with, especially if we keep trying to lose weight and yet it keeps finding us back successfully. When embarking on a weight loss plan, we need to remember that it will not happen overnight. Just as we did not gain the weight suddenly, the loss of excess fat will also take due time for you to lose and keep it off permanently.

Cut Back On The FAT

As with any plan, sticking to a weight loss plan and making a long term commitment is crucial to success. Some key pointers to successfully keeping that weight off are as follows –

1. Keep it simple – Remember that losing weight is like running a marathon. Space your weight loss expectations realistically and over a sustainable period of time. Leave some breathing space and reward yourself for every milestone you achieve. Keeping your diet plan flexible and closely adapted to your everyday life increases your chances for success significantly.

2. Be Accountable – Keeping a food journal or even writing your daily diet on a scrap of paper and throwing it away, makes you consciously recognize how you eat and what you eat. The discipline of writing a food journal is one of the most efficient ways to keep those calories at bay and keep the weight down where you want it to be. By keeping an accountable weight loss plan, it also helps you recognize eating patterns that are making that bulge harder to beat!

3. Watch what you eat…literally – Ensure you switch off your phone and the TV during meal times and focus on your meal. Besides making it more enjoyable, savouring every bite, this also helps you concentrate more on how much you eat. Another good tip to incorporate would be to keep that fork and spoon down after every bite and to chew your food thoroughly. Keeping your attention on your meal satiates you completely and you will soon find the portion sizes and dress sizes getting smaller, every day.

4. Keep moving – Whether it is a quick run to the neighbourhood store, or a leisure walk with the dogs in the park, keep moving. Every step you take will take you one step closer to your weight loss goal. So ditch the elevators and sprint up the stairs, or quite simply, just walk around the office for 5 minutes for every 2 hours you spend in your seat. Besides burning the fat, that quick walk will also give you the breathing space without having to reach for caffeine.

5. Eat Right – Your mum had it right – you need to eat those veggies. Besides being good for you, vegetables bulk up your system, reducing your appetite and hunger pangs besides being good for your skin, health and overall happiness.

Cut Back On The FAT

6. Make it, don’t buy it – Eat at home as much as you can and cook as much as you can. This will ensure that you have more balanced meals; you know what goes into what you eat and it gives you a better chance at keeping to a diet that works. Eating at home is also known to help you reduce those portion sizes and also does save you a lot of money to shop with, once you hit that goal!

Eating right, exercising regularly and make a few significant changes to your lifestyle will ensure that you meet your weight loss goals easily. The golden rule to effective weight loss is to breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine as a pauper. So ensure you get the most calories before lunch and go easy rest of the day. As with all things good health, do remember to insure yourself with Royal Sundaram Health Insurance to make the best of your good health, always.

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