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Dealing with Pressure

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 24 Jul 2015

Your blood pressure is one of the most vital signs that you are alive and healthy. However, as is the case with most of your health, it requires nurturing and regular monitoring to ensure you continue your state of good health. Our sedentary lifestyles and the high stress we endure in recent times, have led to various issues with maintaining our blood pressure such as high blood pressure or hypertension. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure affects every third person above the age of 18.


Simply put, blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood when circulating through our body. Higher the stress or lack of a healthy lifestyle, the more is the pressure on your arteries and heart to circulate blood effectively. This is what is medically termed as hypertension. The higher your blood pressure, the greater is your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

Blood pressure patients rarely show symptoms until their annual health check-up or a visit to their doctor for other seemingly unrelated ailments. Thus, many times, the condition goes undetected and untreated until it is too late. In order to avoid this or even reduce existing hypertension, follow these basic lifestyle changes that can go a long way in both preventing and managing high blood pressure.

Regular Check Ups – Ensure that you have your blood pressure monitored regularly, especially when you deal with high levels of stress. A 5-minute appointment can help you treat blood pressure effectively before it manifests into a lifestyle condition. As blood pressure varies through the day and also depends on your excitement or anxiety levels, consistently check it every day, if you have a high reading for at least a week, prior to starting medication.

Eat Healthy – Eat food that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet and avoid canned or processed foods as much as you can. Ensure that your diet includes plenty of yoghurt, bananas, kiwis, peaches, avocado, red pepper, broccoli, sweet potato, soy and dark chocolate. To be more specific, ensure that you incorporate loads of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains into every one of your meals.

Maintain that weight – being overweight or obese directly increasing the chances of your developing hypertension, given the sheer amount of effort it takes to keep the blood pumping in your body. Eat a nutritional diet, exercise regularly and make your weighing machine your best friend.

Reduce the Stress – If you are in a high-stress professional environment, take time out to relax. Practice yoga, take your kids to the park, or even walk around the neighbourhood in silence, keeping time to your favourite music. Make some time for yourself during each day and unwind. Even a 10-minute session of peace will go a long way in easing any blood pressure conditions you may have.

Sleep well – Ensure you have adequate sleep every day and allow your body to be rested and replenished. Late nights at the office or weekends at the neighbourhood pub may not be a good idea to indulge in frequently. Do check yourself if you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea or even snoring, as they hamper the quality of your sleep and thus, you are not as well rested as you need to be.

Managing or preventing blood pressure requires commitment and a change in outlook. So change that coffee for decaf or take up tea instead, include more potassium in your diet, work a little less and reduce your stress just a little bit more by opting for Royal Sundaram Health Insurance in order to lower the pressure on just on your blood, but in life as well.


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