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Diabetes and Health Insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 30 Oct 2010

1. Does Health Insurance cover diabetes?

Health Insurance generally does not cover pre-existing diabetes.

Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance Online does not cover diabetes in the first year, but it is covered from fifth year onwards.

Diabetes and complications arising from it would be fully covered if you already are an existing Policy Holder and the disease is diagnosed after you take the Policy.

However, some companies offer specially designed products for people suffering from diabetes.

2. Why should one take Health Insurance, even if they are not at risk?

As mentioned in the above answer, diabetes and complications arising from it will be covered if you are already an existing Policy Holder from the fifth year of the policy. So, it is prudent to insure early and enjoy the benefits of Health Insurance if and when required.

3. When should you insure, if you are at high risk of developing diabetes?

The early bird catches the worm”. Risk or no risk, diabetes or no diabetes, when it comes to Health Insurance, the earlier you insure, the more benefits you can enjoy, as the number of diseases, surgeries which would be covered by your Health Insurance are added at every renewal.

The minimum age for Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance is 90 days. The upper entry age limit for Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance is 60 years. Persons above the age of 50 years should provide medical reports. You can renew your policy each year, till you turn 70.

4. How can a person who already has been diagnosed with Diabetes, take Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance? Would the expenses be reimbursed?

If a person has already been diagnosed with Diabetes, it would be best if the person visits the nearest branch, to apply for Health Insurance. Our staff can help him/her walk through the process.

However, even if a policy is issued, any claim arising out of diabetes or out of any complication due to diabetes shall be paid only after 4 continuous renewals.

5. If Diabetes has affected an organ that requires transplant, would it be covered in Health Insurance?

If diabetes has been diagnosed after the commencement of the policy or  if the person has renewed the Policy for 4 consecutive years, with Diabetes as a per-existing condition, then the organ transplant will be covered by Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance, which would include the cost of Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre charges, cost of medicines, cost of diagnostic tests, donor’s medical expense towards the hospital and cost of organs, subject to a maximum limit, as per your policy coverages.

So think no more. Insure today to avoid spending on health tomorrow…diabetic or not!

To know more about Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance Online, visit, Health-Insurance page

S.K Rangaswamy, Head Underwriter (Retail – Health), Royal Sundaram

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3 responses to “Diabetes and Health Insurance”

  1. Mita Mukherjee says:

    I am a policy holder of your Insurarance company, willing to know about my status regarding the future necessary diabetes related coverage through my existing policy and seek further guidance

  2. pravin arora says:

    i want a diabetic insurance

  3. venkatachalapathi kannan says:

    I am sixty (60) years old. I am suffering for the last five years dibetis. Could I get your assistance for the future life from you as a insurance policy ? I am ready to pay the premiam. I am staying in Kerala. I can give you
    ky address as Ambika Sadan, Ambika Cottage Industries. Puthur Lane, Pattambi Road, Perintalmanna, Kerala. COULD YOU HELP ME ?

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