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Diabetes – Only a Word…. Not a Sentence!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 18 Jun 2015

Having diabetes can make life a little different compared to those who don’t, but it cannot stop you from living a full life, with some modifications, maybe! Diabetes Management is all about you being empowered to manage your health better.

While knowing you have diabetes can put a tizzy spin on all things you normally take for granted, it is not a condition to be feared. Rather it is a condition to be managed with some significant changes to lifestyle and a few necessary precautions that will help you handle your diabetes and help you lead a healthy life as your non-diabetic peers. Remember the following tips to help you in your journey to handling diabetes.


A is for Ask – The most important thing when dealing with diabetes is to be completely informed about your conditions. Understanding the type of diabetes you have will empower you to managing it effectively. Feel free to ask your doctor as many questions as you want about the type of Diabetes you have, ask about support groups and online forums and also obtain information on the simple precautions you need to take to make your Diabetes, easy to manage.

B is for Breathe – Knowing you have Diabetes can be overwhelming, so do remember to keep the stress low. Dealing effectively with stress will positively impact the other effects of Diabetes by helping you manage your cholesterol and blood pressure better and keeping your mood swings at a minimum.

C is for Change – Diabetes and its management will also involve several changes to your lifestyle. Start with small steps and remember not to overwhelm yourself making all changes at once. Small but significant changes to your diet, lifestyle choices, and exercise routines will be a slow yet more stable approach to managing your Diabetes better and in a more sustainable manner. Make a step-by-step flow chart and put it up and see that you follow it religiously.

D is for Diet – Eat healthy and eat at regular intervals to regulate your blood sugar levels. Eat natural, low fat foods to keep your weight under control and go slow on all things sweet. Eat 3 -4 meals every day at 4 hour intervals and keep to a daily schedule. If you feel hungry in between, snack on something healthy but in small portions.


E is for Exercise – Start walking and keep moving. Sedentary lifestyles are what cause Diabetes. Keep a goal and take steps every day. Ideally take upto 10000 steps every day to stay fit. Invest in a good pedometer to measure your steps and stay motivated. Even walking just those few extra steps will make a world of difference to your health and wellbeing.

F is for Fun – Knowing you have to deal with Diabetes daily can be a drag on your mood. Hence, it is recommended that you find something fun to do on a daily basis. Having fun will keep you motivated and will help you manage your condition in a more relaxed way. Whether it is reading a book or meeting with friends, just a few minutes of sheer happiness will help increase your positivity and fill in for all the culinary sweetness you may be craving.

Along with all this, do remember to get adequate sleep and drink plenty of water. It is extremely important that you are well rested and hydrated in order to staying healthy despite of Diabetes.Successful Diabetes Management stems from being aware of your needs and practicing these healthy habits that will help you live a long, healthy life with Diabetes.

While there is no complete cure for Diabetes and the search continues, insure yourself with Royal Sundaram Health Insurance that is customized for Diabetic care, so that you don’t just live with diabetes, you are well prepared to live life king-size managing Diabetic care, effectively…

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