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Fitness routines to stay free from health worries

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 09 Aug 2012

Fitness routines to stay free from health worriesStaying healthy has become the mantra to happy living today. It is good to see that young and old alike are taking special care of their lifestyle in terms of what they eat, hygiene of living conditions etc. But what is really essential to healthy living apart from these nuances is exercise. A proper workout regime helps you not just to get a great body, but also to keep your mind fresh and improve blood circulation.

Some basic exercises you can steal time for include:

The age old teachings of the saints are very useful till date. Yoga happens to be a complete workout regime. This regime is an attempt to get the physical, mental and spiritual balance so important to lead a healthy life. Yoga is a session of different asanas and pranayams. The beauty of this regime is that you have an asana or a pranayam that not only helps you get your body in shape but also relaxes the mind. Meditation forms the core aspect of yoga; this is the simplest form of bringing your mind to peace and training it to focus better. Yoga offers you great health benefits like flexibility, strength and balance.

If you want a more rhythmic and energetic kind of a work out, then consider aerobics. Aerobics is a fast form of exercise that includes various steps that are choreographed to be danced on the music. Aerobics is a great form of cardio and is excellent to keep you in shape. Apart from being a rigorous session, aerobics also lends you the grace you need while dancing. This regime helps you prevent health problems, strengthen your heart, improve your respiratory system, reduce fat etc. It also improves your quality of sleep and helps to prevent certain types of cancers.

Tai chi:
Also known as T’ai chi ch’ua, this is a kind of internal Chinese martial art that is practiced for defense training and for health benefits. There are a number of training forms and so we have both traditional and modern styles of doing Tai Chi. This workout is a great form of relaxation and helps you calm your senses after a hectic day at work. It helps to recover from illnesses, keep chronic diseases at bay, improve digestive system and improve from a range of disorders like –

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Joint stiffness
  • Muscle tension
  • Poor posture and the likes

It is important that the fuel we feed our body is exhausted as required. Exercise is the best form of using this fuel to nourish our body and mind. Chalk out a regime today to live healthy and think clearly.

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