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Habits to Make Your Heart Grow Healthy

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Sep 2013

Habits to make your heart healthyBy 2030, India is expected to account for as high as 60% of the world’s heart patients, according to the latest report by the WHO (World Health organization). As our lifestyles become increasingly dependent on packaged foods and machines to do our work for us, it is important to keep in mind a few habits that can make your heart healthier.



Prevention is Better than Cure

Heart ailments are not merely a drain on your bank account, but a cause of worry and physical strain for you and your loved ones. A few simple steps can save you a lot of trouble:

Habit 1: Say No To Tobacco

Over 9 million people with heart related disorders can possibly be saved by implementing strong tobacco control policies in India, according to a research published by the Stanford University. Tobacco consumption, being a high risk factor, needs to be checked to curb the rising trend of cardiac diseases in our country. The use of tobacco in any form needs to be stopped or at least curtailed.

Habit 2: Food For The Heart

Reducing the intake of foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt is not just good for a healthy heart, but for your overall well being. Make it a habit to have two-to-three cups of green tea, a few roasted peanuts and at least one fruit every day (No, having juice is not a substitute for fruit). Among fruits, watermelon is said to exceptionally good for the heart. Green leafy vegetables, cooked in olive oil should be an integral part of your daily diet. Omega-3 foods, such as fresh tuna, salmon and sardines, can be adopted as healthy-heart food habits. Switch from coffee to tea.

Habit 3: Walk Away

The Heart Foundation says that a moderate 30-minute walk everyday can help your heart pump blood more efficiently. The heart is made up of cardiac muscles and these require regular exercises to keep fit. Walking helps to build stamina and improve blood circulation.

Habit 4: Go for Regular Check Ups

A condition called atherosclerosis is known to cause heart attacks. It’s a condition in which the arteries get clogged due to too much fat and cholesterol build up in the bloodstream. There may be no signs initially and you may not get to know of this condition until your next visit to your doctor. So, schedule regular check-ups so that you can take necessary actions in good time.

Habit 5: Wash Away Heart Disease

Drinking five glasses of water every day can help you prevent heart disease. This high intake of water dilutes the blood, preventing it from clotting.

Prevention is always preferred and following these simple habits can make a big difference to the health of your heart.

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