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Health benefits of living green

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Mar 2013

We’ve heard of how living green helps the environment stay clean and pollution free. A healthy environment promises better health as well. Not only is the end effect of living green healthy, but the process of initiating one is also beneficial. For e.g. If you opt to ride a bicycle to the nearby market instead of taking a rickshaw, you not only reduce fuel consumption but also get a great work out. Isn’t that healthy for you and the planet?


Here’s how healthy living can benefit your health –

Heart benefits –

Giving up the regular use of your car and taking to walking or riding a bike instead is not only an energy saving option but healthy for your heart as well. Both walking and riding a bike are good cardio exercises and reduce your carbon footprints too. So walk up for short distances and opt for a bus or a train if you are going long.

Better diet –

The kind of food we eat is quite a discussion these days and the excessive use of pesticides makes the healthiest of fruits and vegetable, unhealthy to eat. That’s why it is advisable to eat organically grown food items rather than those cultivated with the use of pesticides and insecticides. Also, reducing on your meat consumption will do great favour to you and the environment as a lot of resources like energy, water etc. are used to produce meat compared to vegetables; and eating less meat is great for everyone’s health.

Healthier drinking –

The myth that bottled water is the safest is just about to be debunked in the following few lines. To start with the packaging, the chemicals used to produce the bottles is got mostly from petroleum and can leach into the packaged water causing low level contamination. Secondly, there is no guarantee that the packaged water is any cleaner that tap water. So if you want to stay hydrated on the way, carry a bottle of filtered water from home and drink up as much as you want.

Better air quality –

Avoiding the use of vehicles and burning less fuel will also give you a cleaner air to breathe in. Only planting more trees is not going to be of great help. We have to do our bit in reducing the pollution as well. So reduce the usage of airborne toxic materials and breathe healthy. This works well in reducing many breathing disorders like asthma.

Healthier lighting –

Using natural sunlight to light up your home rather than electricity during the day will ensure your home is clean and healthy too. Sunlight has the capacity to kill germs that could be hiding in different and inaccessible places in your home. Also, you may end up soaking some vitamin D, if the sunlight coming through the window reaches your body directly.

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