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Health Insurance from 2 Lakh to 150 Lakhs

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 09 Sep 2020

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance from 2 lakh to 150 lakhs

Over the years, medical technology has made massive progress, making it possible for human life expectancy to increase by decades. However, at the same time, changes in lifestyle and various environmental issues have led to setbacks in the overall health of an average human being. In such conflicting times, the safest bet is to invest in a health insurance policy, which can provide the policyholder with some mental peace in the case of a medical emergency.

The Health Insurance You Need

Health insurance policies act as financial backups during a medical emergency. By investing in health insurance, one is directly providing themselves and their family a chance at better medical treatments. It also helps them avoid spending all their savings on hospital bills. Depending on the policy, one can either receive cashless treatment at the hospital or reimbursement on valid claims post the treatment.

In an attempt to bring an equal level of medical care to every person, Royal Sundaram offers health insurance policies with a wide range of sum insured. The insurance policies are for as low as ₹2 lakhs and can go up to ₹150 lakhs. When choosing the ideal health insurance policy, it is important to keep multiple factors in mind.

How to choose a plan?

One of the foremost factors is the coverage that the policy would provide, followed by the size of the policyholder’s family, pre-existing medical issues, policyholder’s age and the age of their dependents, etc. An ill-suited or low coverage health plan can leave them vulnerable at the time of crisis.

As a good practice, one can research the most compatible policy by comparing the details and benefits of each policy on company websites. This way, one can ensure that they choose their preferred policy right from the comfort of their homes and without any third-party interference.

Royal Sundaram has many health insurance plans to choose from. One of their best plans is the Lifeline – Individual Health Insurance plan. It provides holistic offerings, and the sum insured varies between ₹2 lakhs to ₹150 lakhs, making it suitable for most people.

Mentioned below are the details of the health insurance plan from Royal Sundaram, which diversifies into three sub-options, Classic, Supreme, and Elite.

Lifeline Health Insurance Plan

The plan offers medical insurance in the form of individual health insurance and family floater plans. One of the key highlights of this policy is that it provides 100% reload of the sum insured without any extra charges. Based on the level of protection needed by the policyholder, one can choose from the following options.

  • Classic Plan: The sum assured ranges between ₹2 lakhs and ₹4 lakhs. Most benefits offered like inpatient care, all day procedures, and domiciliary hospitalization are covered up to the sum assured. It also offers an ambulance cover up to ₹3000 and vaccination in case of an animal bite up to ₹2500. Unfortunately, it does not cover international hospitalization or treatment.
  • Supreme: The range for the sum assured is between ₹5 lakhs and ₹50 lakhs. The no-claim bonus is 20% of the base sum insured, going up to a maximum of 100% of the sum insured. The policy also offers a bonus in the form of an emergency domestic evacuation cover of up to ₹1 lakh. It also provides annual health check-ups to the policyholder.
  • Elite: The elite plan offers the maximum sum insured, ranging between ₹25 lakhs and ₹150 lakhs. It provides the greatest number of benefits, including worldwide emergency evacuation and international treatment for specified critical illnesses. OPD treatment up to ₹10000 is also a part of the plan. The major differentiator is the maternity benefits offered that include a 25% cover of the sum insured for the new-born baby and vaccination in the first year up to the value of ₹10000.

Apart from the Lifeline plan, there is another policy offered by Royal Sundaram, the Arogya Sanjeevani Policy. This affordable plan provides ample coverage to the policyholder. It serves as a standard medical insurance policy for an individual or a family. The sum assured ranges between ₹1 lakh and ₹5 lakhs. The tenure of the policy is for one year, with an initial waiting period of 30 days. It provides cover for the costs of hospitalization, Ayush treatment, and pre- and post-hospitalization expenses.


In today’s scenario, where the pandemic has changed the course of life for most people, having an insurance policy ensures financial backup for the policyholder and their family. Royal Sundaram’s Lifeline Plan caters to people by providing a wide range of options and advantages. Moreover, the policy does not skim off the benefits regardless of the plan the policyholder chooses.

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