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Health Insurance needed more during Diwali

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Nov 2015

Why Is Health Insurance Needed More During a Festival  Like Diwali?

With the beginning of the new festive season, the propensity for extravagance gradually comes to the fore for many Indian families. Being the busiest time of the year when it comes to gatherings, the festival of Diwali is perhaps one of those times when people spend and revamp more than they do during the rest of the year. And since plenty of domestic or external tasks and chores beckon at this juncture, the amount of safety and precaution one must maintain is also important. While the idea of having options like health insurance may hardly rank high in your list in Diwali, here are a list of valid and compelling reasons why holding a bankable health insurance can really come handy during a time like this!


A shot in the arm during spending highs

Being a truly important time in the usual year with its cultural and religious significance, your role as the breadwinner (or the better half) of the family will have you undertaking several tasks such as overseeing household renovations, tweaking the family car, consulting specialists for any changes, planning a new business or large purchase (such as a second home), organizing a family reunion and so on. Such a hectic schedule will obviously entail not just plenty of man-hours relentlessly spent into this, but also have your expenditure hit an all-time high. Thus, in this regard, having health insurance will be the saviour to any kind of medical assistance that you or anyone else urgently requires during this period. Letting the insurance firm tend to this, will not only give you peace of mind but also allow you to avoid paying through your nose at a time when your coffers are depleting faster than ever.

It keeps you prepared for any eventuality

Right from a family elder’s blood sugar shooting up abnormally to one of your nephew sustaining burns from an ill-timed cracker, the amount of activities that we pursue in Diwali can lead to an umpteen number of calamities. Holding some form of health insurance can provide a cushion that blunts the impact of something unannounced occurring like this, giving you more room and options to tackle the problem right when it occurs.

Fast-tracking treatment in an inopportune time

Due to the universality of Diwali and its impact on businesses and society, dispensaries may remain shut and doctors could be off-duty. Having your usual family physician away can be problematic to deal with, especially when any untoward incident requires immediate attention. This should be reason enough for you to purchase a health insurance in order to avail immediate treatment in the event of any hospitalisation during times such as these.

Always remain alert and have your backup in place not only during such auspicious times but at all times. Remember to consult providers such as Royal Sundaram that offer Lifeline Health Insurance Plans, catering to the needs of you and your family. Be safe and celebrate in peace!


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