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Home exercise tips to maintain health

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 11 Jul 2016

Home Exercise Tips

Maintaining fitness is crucial in today’s fast moving life. However, visiting gym and doing regular yoga practice may not be possible for everyone. For such busy individuals who are always on the run, here are a few home exercise tips:

Calorie burning exercises:

These exercises help in burning the calories and reducing the unwanted fat from the body. They are useful in losing weight, without having to spend long hours in gym.

  • Walking: Walking is the best form of exercise. It facilitates weight loss while toning up your long muscles. For every mile one walks, around 100 calories are burnt
  • Stair Climbing: Instead of taking the elevator, it is advised to climb stairs. Recognized as a calorie-blasting exercise, it burns around 7 times more calories than plain walking.

Here is the formula for estimating the number of calories burned after climbing seven flights of stair = METs x 3.5 x weight in kilograms ÷ (200 x duration in minutes). >>> Where MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent

  • Spot Jogging: To keep the heart healthy and fit, spot jogging is recommended by physicians and experts. Spot jogging in place for around 40 minutes will burn almost 363 calories.

Muscle Building Exercises:

These exercises help in building muscles and toning the physique. They do not involve extensive weight lifting procedures and rigorous exercise routines

  • Crunches: One of the best forms of exercise to develop abdominal muscles, without having to spend long hours in gym. Apart from developing muscles, it helps in complete body stretching, one will be able to burn around 46 to 80 calories for a 10-minute workout session.
  • Light weight lifting: It is not necessary to buy large dumbbells and barbells to do weight-lifting exercise. By picking and exercising with household items, you can build muscles and tone your physique.
  • Pull-ups: Pull-ups are said to be core-building exercise. They help in building chest and back muscles, along with biceps and triceps. By installing a pull-up bar against the door, one can easily do pull-ups or chin-ups.

These are some of the useful exercises that will help you stay fit. And to avert financial crisis due to unwanted health concerns or illnesses, it is recommended to buy a health insurance plan.

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