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How a Vacation Helps You, Health Wise

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 09 Apr 2013

Most of us run to get anything new in the market that promises good health. But we forget that a healthy mind is the key to healthy living. With the kind of stressed living we have these days, our mind really gets no time to breathe. This affects our health majorly. Vacations serve as a wonderful means of distressing and have great health benefits too.



No# 1 – It improves productivity

Not working once in a while can make you all the more productive than you are. This may come as a shocker to many, but it’s true. Working all the time can make your days mundane. By scheduling a 2 week vacation or so at intervals you can give yourself an incentive to work harder and get things done on time. Your mind is sharper and eliminates distractions to work more efficiently.

No# 2 – Live longer

As per a study conducted in the State University of New York, people who took vacations annually reduced the risk of death by 20%. Those who did not take any vacation in 5 years had the highest death rate and incidence of heart disease. Also, those who don’t take a vacation are more likely to suffer from desperation as compared to those who do. This results in high healthcare costs.

No# 3 – Great for women

As per a study in the US, women who take vacations regularly are less likely to get stressed, tired and depressed. Also, they are more satisfied with their marriages. This is because vacations are a break from the everyday stress. They give you time away from work or home and help release the tension built-up.

No# 4 – Makes the mind work creatively

The entire year our mind is regulated by a schedule. Wake up at the same time, leave for office, complete deadlines, meet the same people, travel the same route etc. Such a monitory time table inhibits the minds capability to try new kind of thinking. Traveling to different destinations, meeting new people and getting familiar with a different culture gives your brain the much needed oxygen to think differently.

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