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How Eating Right Helps You Beat the Heat

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 06 May 2013

The sweltering heat of the summer season can easily tempt you to reach for a bottle of chilled cold-drinks, ice-creams and other artificial coolants. But did you know that the faster these food items cool you down, the sooner you’ll feel hot again? So don’t stock your refrigerators with drinks of different kinds, instead shop for food items that will help beat the heat naturally. This summer have a diet that not only cools you but keeps you looking good and smelling nice as well.


Food for odour –

Summer is the time you start worrying about your body odour and spray some deodorant every few hours. Well you can save the planet from the harmful CFCs by having a zinc rich diet. Deficiency of zinc is the major reason why body odour is caused. Consume foods like shell fish, almonds, peanuts, dried watermelon seeds and sprouts which are rich sources of zinc. You can also start with a breakfast of oats with cold milk and wheat bran.

Foods to keep you cool –


Summer is also a time for diseases like cholera, typhoid, amoebiasis etc. By eating curd regularly you can increase the presence of the friendly bacteria in your intestines. It promotes digestion and boost immunity.

Coconut water

This natural coolant is filled with the goodness of simple sugars, electrolytes and minerals that can refill you with the required hydration levels. As per research, coconut water is also filled with anti-ageing and anticancer properties.

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is the best energy drink for those who exercise or work out during summers. It contains only natural sugars. It cools the body instantly and replenishes energy levels with high quantity of carbohydrates and proteins. Also, it consists of nutrients that are good for the functioning of the kidneys, heart and the brain.

The other summer foods to consume include raw mango, cucumbers, musk melon, water melon, bell peppers, ice-berg lettuce, buttermilk and lemon juice.

Food light on digestion –

Summer is the time you need to stay away from spicy and oily dishes. It is recommended that you have more of light and water based vegetables. Digestion of heavy food further depletes the amount of water in your body, in a situation where you are prone to get dehydrated sooner. Vegetables like doodhi, parhwal and pumpkin are high on fiber and easy to digest. Other water rich vegetables you can eat include cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms.

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