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Ideas for 100% safe Holi

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 01 Mar 2012

Who on earth would want to miss the colorful and joyous festival – Holi?  No one! It is the season when young and old join together, filling the air with sounds of laughter and joy and, wait for the opportune moment, to splash colors on each other.

But there is a hidden danger which constantly persists in the practice of splashing colors. The color powders used nowadays are becoming less natural and more artificial, being developed from several chemicals which are harmful. They carry with them a large possibility of causing skin diseases, asthma and if it hits the eye it can also cause blindness.

Thus, presented below are 10 safety measures that can keep you protected this Holi:

  1. Never use synthetic colors or loose powdered dyes. Always go for skin friendly, natural or vegetable colors which are zero harmful.
  2. Before you venture out to the spirit of Holi, oil your hair well so that dye particles will not settle in your hair.
  3. Along with this wear a hat/cap which gives the added protection to your hair.
  4. Apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly or coconut oil throughout your body to protect the exposed parts of the body from harmful effects of artificial colors.
  5. Another advantage of doing the above step is that it also helps you to easily wash the colors from your skin.
  6. Along with moisturizers, oil etc. wear long sleeve top and full bottomed pants which gives additional protection to your skin.
  7. Despite the measures taken, your face is always left open, thus take conscious effort to close your eyes and hold your lips tightly.
  8. Use sunglasses and wear dental caps to have your eyes and teeth protected from these toxicants.
  9. Coat your finger nails and toes with paint so that they remain protected.
  10. So, after the celebration, do not forget to wash your face with lukewarm water, and keep your eyes and mouth closed.

We hope and believe that the above points when followed would definitely protect you from the harmful effects of the chemicals. Along with these safety precautions consider the added protection of your health through Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance.

Royal Sundaram wishes you and your family a safe and fun filled Holi.

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