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Jaggery or sugar, the smarter choice!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 24 Mar 2011

To make a cup of tea or to relish a piece of burfi, we need sugar everyday. A person with sweet tooth enjoys even plain sugar!

However, these sweet white crystals are laden with calories. Many health experts nowadays recommend substituting sugar with jaggery. According to Indian medicine system – Ayurveda, jaggery is beneficial for throat and lungs. Not to forget, sugar industry actually is extremely polluting.

Sugar and jaggery, both contains 60 calories per teaspoon. Both are prepared from sugarcane. So what makes jaggery better than sugar? Let’s read in this article!

Jaggery is rich in  vitamins and minerals – Jaggery is rich in iron and thus is highly recommended for anaemic people. It also contains many minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Manganese and Zinc. Since no chemicals are used in preparation of jaggery, some minerals and vitamins remain intact in it, compared to refined sugar.

Jaggery is absorbed slowly – Sugar is absorbed almost instantly in your body. Jaggery, being unrefined, is absorbed more slowly. Thus, it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels as rapidly as sugar.

Jaggery is good for lungs – Jaggery, according to Ayurveda protects your lungs and is good for treating throat and lung infections. Infact, workers who work in dusty and smoky atmosphere, such as in woollen, silica industries, eat a small lump of gur to clear their wind pipes. Jaggery is also helpful for asthmatics! Won’t jaggery be helpful in keeping respiratory system sound, considering we breathe polluted air everyday?

Jaggery is helpful for migraine – People, who get migraine headaches, should eat jaggery as it is helpful in reducing frequency of headaches.

Jaggery is a purifier – Jaggery is a great cleansing agent and clears your lungs, stomach, oesophagus, intestine, respiratory tracts and also blood.

Jaggery helps in bile disorder – According to ayurveda, jaggery helps in treating bile disorders thus is useful in treating jaundice.

Jaggery helps in maintaining acid balance – Jaggery is high in Potassium and low in Sodium. This helps in maintaining balance in your body. Infact, jaggery, when taken along with dry ginger is a known cure for acidity and gas.

Jaggery is a medicine – You’ve seen how beneficial jaggery is for lungs. It’s also used to cure dry cough, cough with sputum, indigestion and constipation. It contains many antioxidants which protects your body’s cells against aging.

Jaggery is eco-friendly – According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), sugar industry pollutes air, water and soil. While jaggery is produced by cooking sugarcane juice in an iron vessel, sugar undergoes various treatments, purification, crystallisation which not only wastes several gallons water, but also pollutes natural water source, where the wastewater is dumped! Jaggery is healthier and greener.

As you’ve seen, there are multiple benefits for the same number of calories, making jaggery a clear winner. So the next time, before you add sugar to your cup of tea, why not replace it with jaggery?

(Even if you don’t like it in your tea, it’s a good idea to have a small piece everyday, for good health!)

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11 responses to “Jaggery or sugar, the smarter choice!”

  1. A.Ajaykumar says:

    Thanks a lot for treasured information on jaggery. I had been using jaggery in tea /coffee and later people confused me sugar and jaggery both are same. But you have clarified and dispelled my doubts.

  2. Shailaja says:

    Thank you so much for describing benefits of jaggery.We need to go back to the basics for healthy life

  3. ORM Team says:

    Hi, thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Gowri says:

    Thank you I am obese though both have same calories I can get additional benefits by using jaggery thanks a lot

  5. admin says:

    Thanks Ganesh. we appreciate your feedback

  6. Ganesh says:

    I ran out of word ! I’m much much obliged to you for such precious information.

  7. Dilip Pande says:

    The information provided is too much important specially for a diabetic person. Ohters should follow the advantages in health point of view. Thanks a lot.

  8. Ramachandran KK says:

    The information provided is informative. Jaggery is the mostly used sweetener in Ayurveda medicine.

  9. Mohammed Arif shirali says:

    Very informative site on jaggery. Keep it up. Now required to work jaggery on diabetic in AYURVEDA,

  10. a.sankaran says:

    many donot know the hidden benefits explained. one has to use jaggery more,even avoid sugar for a healtheir life. thanks for the good tips.

  11. sravanveerla says:

    very good work and information about jaggery.

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