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Tackling diabetes with natural herbs

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 30 Oct 2010

Diabetes has become the epidemic of 21st century and has taken roughly 6% of the world’s populations in its clutches. In 90% of diabetic cases, the reason for this disease is poor lifestyle.

The only way to prevent Diabetes is to be active and intake a balanced nutritional diet. But once a person gets the disease, it can only be managed.

The Western medicine system puts diabetes as the inability of cells in the body to convert sugar to energy and the only way to manage diabetes is through medications that promote insulin production, or reduce blood sugar.

In this article, we will explore the solutions that nature has to offer.  Below, is a list of herbs and natural ingredients recommended by healthcare professionals and practitioners of Ayurveda to control your blood sugar levels:

Bitter Gourd – You can take a glass of Bitter Gourd (karela) juice daily, on empty stomach.

Neem and Bel – 2 leaves of neem and bel on empty stomach, to control blood sugar.

Turmeric – You can fill empty capsules with turmeric and take 2-3 tablets in a day. You can also take a mix of ½ teaspoon of ground bay leaf, ½ teaspoon of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, before lunch and dinner.

Jamun guthli – You can take the powder of Jamun ki guthli, available in some supermarkets. The fruit reduces blood sugar. You can also intake a mix of jamun juice and coriander juice.

Methi – Methi leaves along with garlic can be very effective. Methi reduces the fatigue in diabetics. You can also soak 1 teaspoon of seeds in water overnight and consume it in the morning, with water or milk.

Amla – Amla, along with turmeric is a good combination for diabetics. It contains chemicals to stimulate the pancreas, which produce insulin. You can take it in any form!

Madhunashini – Madhunashini (or sugar destroyer) is very helpful in reducing the blood sugar. You can chew the leaves of this plant for its medicinal effects.

Indian kino – This herb is known to regenerate the functional pancreatic beta cells. No other natural agent has shown an equivalent effective potency.

Gurmar – This herb reduces the blood sugar and also inhibits sweet cravings. 500 mg of Gurmar powder is recommended.

Blueberry leaves & bilberry – The leaves of this fruit are especially effective against eye diseases – especially retinopathy (caused by diabetes). Bilberry is effective against cataracts.

Asian ginseng – This herb, traditionally used in Chinese medication, has been proven to be effective in boosting the release of insulin.

Cinnamon – According to a study, cinnamon is helpful in conversion of glucose to energy. It reduces the free radicals in the body, thereby decelerating the progression of complications of diabetes.

Isapgol – Isapgol interferes with the absorption of sugar and cholesterol. Thus, it might be helpful in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol and is recommended everyday.

Apart from the above mentioned, mango leaves and sweet potato leaves are also helpful in tackling diabetes. It goes without saying that making diet changes along with the medication is essential. Try it! While it may not cure diabetes, it may go a long way in preventing many complications.

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6 responses to “Tackling diabetes with natural herbs”

  1. Kavita says:

    This article is very informative. I am a diabetic for the last 1 year, caught it at a young age.

    The karela juice is a good way to keep the sugar levels in control. But it is not practically possible everyday to make the juice specially for a working lady like me. An alternative is a mixture of Jamun powder, Karela powder and Amla powder to be taken 1 spoon every morning on empty stomach. This is my mamma’s mantra to keep sugar levels normal. You may mix the first 2 ingredients in equal proportion and the amla powder half the proportion. All the three are available in medical shops which sell Ayurvedic medicines.

    Along with this, regular exercise, atleast walking in the mornings is recommended to keep your sugar levels normal.

    I agree with Kishore that stress triggers diabetes but in today’s life it is difficult to keep away from stress. So along with medication, walks and some of these ayurvedic medicines will help make life easier and keep sugar levels in control.

  2. Rajesh says:

    Workout/Exercise…we were not built to sit in one place and earn pots of money which unfortunately has become the order of the day.

    For those who cant get out, spend some money, if you can, on a good treadmill (as opposed to medicine IF you were to become a diabetic) and be committed to it. You can walk/run anytime of the year!!

  3. Bhabotosh Das says:

    This was useful and informative for common good.

  4. jithendar says:

    its amazing to know about number of herbs which can controll diabetic. thanks for providing information.

  5. Kishore says:

    I’m 41 and am Diabetic,i feel that the only way to control diabetics is to take regular medication and meditation.Stress is one of the main triggers of diabetics.
    All herbs sounds good but nothing really offers you a complete cure,they only leave your mouth with a bitter taste nothing else.
    Lead a balanced life with good physical and mental health.Avoid over eating ,take very light dinner can lead a quality life with diabetics.

  6. VTVenkataram says:

    The above article is informative. My own experience is that taking 2 tablets of “Madhumega Choornam”( A Siddha Medicine manufactured by Tamilnadu Medicinal Plant Farms and Herbal Medicine Corporation Limited, Thiruporur & available at Arignar Anna Hospital in the Entrance of Anna Nagar, Chennai ) is very effective in tackling Diabetics

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