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New Year Health Resolutions for Men and Women

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 Jan 2012

We start every New Year with renewed energy and plan to make a new beginning or achieve another milestone.  We also make an endless list of resolutions. A recent study of New Year resolutions taken by men and women has revealed that Health related resolutions highlighted weight watching, dieting and exercise among the Top 25 New year Resolutions.

Here are some heath tips that can come in handy this New Year for you to make realistic and feasible resolutions ensuring a holistic approach for having good health.

  • Exercise – A top priority:
    • Rise early and you will find that you are able to accommodate exercise amidst your busy schedule.
    • You get seven extra hours in a week and 30 hours in a month, if you rise an hour earlier every day. Make sure you go to bed early enough to have a good night sleep.
    • Exercise every day rather than exhausting yourself in one day.
  • Meditate every day:
    • Spend 10 minutes in silence and try to switch off all negative thoughts to reap the benefits of feeling positive and recharged.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Arguments and Misunderstandings:
    • Make the best use of your limited time. Avoid spending time unnecessarily in arguments and misunderstandings.
    • Not only will it eat into your precious time but also aggravate and advance the offset of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases which are also a result of stress.
  • Spend time with your family:
    • Spending time with your family is always a wise investment.
    • Studies reveal that family time leads to greater emotional bonding within the family, and teenagers have a lower risk to substance abuse.
  • Avoid Time Wasters on the Television
    • Remember there is an opportunity cost for the hours you spend watching mindless serials on television.
    • This is time that could be better spent in other productive ways.
    • Avoid watching the television while eating because you may forget to chew your food properly and either end up eating more or feel hungry later.
  • Keep your neurons ticking
    • Read, write, and continue to perform activities that stimulate your brain
  • Balanced Diet
    • Balance your diet with plenty of tomatoes, small onions and other vegetables.
    • These foods are capable of reducing cholesterol, which contribute to damage of brain cells and stroke.
  • Lastly, an important resolution – Quit smoking and drinking
    • They are among the major contributing factors to cardiovascular and lung diseases.

Whether it is just one resolution or ten, make sure you put them into practice. ‘Buying a medical insurance’ can also go into your resolutions list. After all, it’s your health and well being.

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  1. K. Jayaram says:

    Very happy and I will follow strictly

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