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Why go organic? Here are a few good reasons!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 Aug 2010

Organic food is packed with goodness and endow well-being. Isn’t it? At least, that’s what we are told. It’s true that Organic food is tasty, environment-friendly and blissfully natural. Organic farming is sans fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals; wholly relying on natural manures for nutrients and soil fertility.

If you still have your doubts, here are a few good reasons why you should go organic:


  • Organic milk is higher in omega-fatty acids which helps in maintaining a healthy heart, supple and flexible joints, strong bones and teeth.
  • Organic foods have more amounts of vitamin C and minerals than their conventional counterparts.
  • They are rich in anti-oxidants which play a proactive role in heart diseases, cancer and weight loss too!
  • Organic animal products are rich in poly-saturated fatty acids which protects against heart diseases.
  • They don’t spread antibiotic-resistant infections unlike the conventional food.
  • Infants and children are exposed to harmful pesticides in non organic foods, increasing the risk of cancer.
  • Genetically modified crops and ingredients are banned under organic standards.

Despite its benefits, the above-average pricing puts off both the customers as well as the business promoters. For instance, regular rice is Rs.35/kg in the general provisions stores while organic rice costs around Rs.44/kg. The price difference doubles for products such as coffee and tea.

Few possible reasons accounting for higher prices:

  • Not enough supply to meet the demand
  • Incomplete range of products
  • Government policies framed to boost exports. Organic products fetch a 20-30 per cent higher price in the world market, leaving the domestic consumers out in the cold.

The Government has brought about 10.5-lakh hectares under organic farming. Though it’s pricey and in low supply, the demand is slowly growing for organic food items, more and more shops are storing organic stuff in their outlets these days. That should hopefully score down the costs in the near future.

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One response to “Why go organic? Here are a few good reasons!”

  1. a v subbarao says:

    send me more details like stores where the organic veg and others available in the chennai city

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