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Organized home a happy home!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 29 Jul 2011

A cluttered and disorganized home is no joy to retire to. In fact, the mess only adds to your stress levels. An organized home on the other hand looks beautiful, lifts your spirits and keeps you stress free. Doesn’t that make your home a happy one?

So take some effort and organize your home. Here’s how you can go about it.


Step 1 – Analyse

Take a notebook and pen and analyse every section of every room. Make a list of items you have in your home and where they are placed. Spare no space.

Step 2 – Plan

Spend some time and plan what you can do to organize everything. For example –

  1. You can create a folder for Bills and Warranty cards, a folder or letter holder for mails. You can pile up all promotional mails you receive with newspaper, which can be sold to kabaadiwallahs.
  2. It’s good to have a huge wardrobe where you can hang your clothes. It’s a pretty neat and easy way to maintain clothes.
  3. Plan to re-organize items and place it strategically. For example, a CD rack cover should be near your computer. Keyholders should be near the door, a tiny notepad should be near the telephone and in the kitchen (for grocery list), study lamp should be near the book shelf.
  4. You can maintain separate boxes for a set of items. For example, you can have a box solely for stationeries like – pen, pencil, glue, stapler, paper clips, nail cutters, rubber bands, etc. A box for all grooming products, a box for cleaning items (floor cleaner, detergent, sponge) etc.
  5. Assess the items which can be discarded, items which can be recycled and items which you need to buy.
  6. Let similar items be placed at same place in the loft. For example cardboard boxes of computers, DVD Players, etc, can be at one place. All kitchen items can be kept together, suitcases/travel bags side by side.

Step 3 – Get rid of unwanted things

You’d have to get rid of items you no longer use. It would create a lot of space in your home.

Step 4 – Spend a little

Invest a little money to buy items to modify home. For example –

  1. Folders and Zip Lock bags can help organize bills, receipts and all the important documents in your home.
  2. Boxes can keep your bathroom and dressing room neat
  3. A stylish key holder can ensure that you never lose your keys
  4. Modifying your wardrobe to make it user-friendly can be helpful
  5. A separate shelf for each member of your family to keep their belongings can reduce a lot of clutter at home
  6. Fixtures such as lamp, CD rack, etc can be really helpful if strategically placed
  7. A basket for toys or old clothes can also keep home neat

Step 5 – Get to action

Finally, put your plan to work and start organizing. Involve all your family members and make your home’s reorganization a fun, family project!

Get started today. Make your ‘home sweet home’ a ‘home happy home’ and feel the happiness in your family.

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