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Protecting the environment is equal to protecting your health

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 30 Oct 2013

Around 25% of deaths and diseases worldwide are caused by environmental factors, according to the latest report by WHO (World Health Organization). So, protecting the environment is not merely about saving the Earth for future generations. Environmental degradation is a clear and present danger to our well being.

Safeguard Against Diseases By Protecting the Environment

You can protect the environment without making a massive lifestyle change. Here are some environmental factors that will cause significant damage to your health, unless we take action now.


Protecting the Environment is Equal to Protecting Your Own Health Almost 90% of lung cancer cases can be directly related to smoking, according to a report by The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Passive smoking is equally dangerous. So, ensure that your house is smoke free by stepping out to have a smoke. This will also cut down on the number of cigarettes consumed in a day.

Be vegetarian at least three to four days in a week. Did you know that the livestock industry accounts for nearly 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions from an area? Reducing your intake of meat and chicken will not only reduce pollution, but will negate the most common causes of bad cholesterol and obesity.

Celebrate festivals like Diwali more responsibly. While the acceptable level of particulate matter (or PM-10) is 50-100 microgramme per cubic metre, Diwali causes this to skyrocket 9 to 10 times. Try bursting less crackers and teach your kids about the harmful effects of firecrackers.


Unsafe water and poor sanitation result in about 1.7 million deaths every year, according to the WHO. You can reduce water pollution by avoiding harsh cleaning agents for glass, dishes and other articles in the house. Instead, you can use natural cleansers like white vinegar and castile soap with salt. Borax can clean floors and erase grease stains effectively.

Avoid throwing paints and oils down the sink and refrain from throwing litter into rivers and streams. In fact, more plants in your garden will prevent fertiliser, pesticides and contaminated water from draining into nearby water sources.

Water conservation can be achieved through simple steps like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth. Bucket baths use less water than having a shower or filling up a bathtub.

Protecting the environment begins with a change in the mindset. Walking to nearby places or opting for car pools can significantly reduce carbon emission levels. Planting of trees in the neighbourhood will not only result in cleaner, but cooler air.

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