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Quick Exercise Tips for Working Moms

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Feb 2017


For working moms, there is no stopping! Right from giving birth to a baby to juggling between your office and family at home, life requires you to be on your feet 365 days of the year. There are many changes in every mother’s routine after giving a birth to a child and one of those is to be able to find time for her health.

No matter how difficult that may seem, do not give up on your fitness goals and remember that you are blessed with great multi-tasking skills. Here are a few quick exercise tips for working moms to stay in shape and keep those, ‘You are so well-maintained’, compliments coming in!

Bond with your child over exercise

Well, your child does not have to be the reason to keep you away from your workout routine. In fact, exercising is a great way to spend a wonderful time with your child as well as ensure each other’s fitness. You can choose to do yoga together, planks or even plan a circuit of fifteen minutes within your home. Keep the exercise sets short so that your kid does not get bored with the exercise.

As a cardio option, you can do mountain climbers and burpees while for weight exercises, push ups and planks make good for strengthening of the core muscles.

Play with your little one

Every mother is concerned about her child’s leisure time. So whenever you take your child to the park, don’t forget to count yourself in for a game of soccer or any other sport. What’s more, parks also make for a great place to plan your workout. While your child is busy playing with other friends, you can actually use the bars and the benches for cardio exercises such as crunches, triceps dips, pull ups, etc. You can constantly keep a watch on your child while doing them.

Take a break from work and walk

Office hours are certainly busy but you can always devote 15-30 minutes for a break. During this time, you can take rounds of your office campus by taking a brisk walk. It isn’t always important to sweat it out, but you must engage in some or the form of physical exercise. For those who have an onsite gym, it can’t get better than that. You can run on the treadmill and do some floor exercises which will surely leave you recharged to get back to work.

No Workout Buddy? That’s fine!

While having a workout buddy is motivating and a lot of fun too, it is quite difficult to be able to match the timings on a regular basis. Non-parents will always have a different schedule and so will the ones with the kids. Do you know who actually needs to stay disciplined? None other than yourself. If you are determined, nothing can stop you from staying in shape along with your professional and personal commitments. Put on your running shoes and stick to your workout regime, whether or not you have a company.

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