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Start your own vegetable garden – Part II

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 16 Nov 2010

In our previous blog post, we gave you a guide to grow Potatoes, Onions and Tomatoes to start your own vegetable garden. In this post, we will talk about growing herbs in the garden.

Let’s talk about the Indian favourites – Coriander, mint and methi.




Coriander is added as garnishing to almost every dish we cook. It is pretty easy to grow too!

  • First, prepare the seeds from dhaniya. You simply have to place the dhaniya seeds on a flat surface and rub it with another flat surface. It will split into 2, what scientists call ‘mericarps’. Each will grow into a coriander plant.
  • It is best sown in May, as warm soil is required for germination. The soil should be well drained and have good aeration. Sow the seeds 1 cm deep and 4 cm apart. Cover it with soil and compost. If you are growing it in containers, ensure it is at least 15 cm deep.
  • These seeds usually germinate in 2 weeks. Ensure the plant gets enough sunshine and the soil remains moist.
  • Your home-grown coriander is ready for use once the plant reaches a height of 10 cm!


The fragrant mint is used in every household for biryani, chutney and fried rice. Here’s how you can cultivate it in your garden.

  • You need to buy a Pudina (mint) plant from the nursery to grow it in your garden, as growing it from its seed can be cumbersome. But once it begins to thrive in your garden…it will take up the entire space! So it is best to grow it in containers.
  • Mint grows well in partial shade and slightly moist soil, so choose a spot carefully.
  • Once you’ve planted it…all you have to do is water it regularly. Mint doesn’t require any special attention and over a period of time, it will take up all the space it can!


Indians love methi leaves and it’s a piece of cake to grow it at home. Because it is rarely available, a number of NRIs prefer to grow this herb at home.

  • Methi requires a hot climate to grow successfully. You can get the seeds for it, by soaking methi seeds in water for a day.
  • Prepare the soil by mixing it with compost. You can plant it in small containers too.
  • Plant the seeds 1 cm deep and cover it with soil and water it moderately. Ensure the plant receives enough sunshine!
  • In about 30-35 days, you are ready to use methi grown in your own garden!

In the final post of our series – “Start your own vegetable garden” we will give you the guide to grow ginger, garlic and chilli.

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