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Stay healthy without hitting the gym

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 Feb 2013

Face it, every time you take a gym membership, you are somewhat regular for the first month and then your regularity diminishes as the months go by. Unless you are a fitness enthusiast, sticking to a regime is quite difficult. Well, we are not completely to be blamed for such negligence; there’s a lot we need to take care of on the home and professional front. So why not steal a few moments from our daily chores and get closer to staying fit.

Here’s how you can stay in shape without hitting the gym –

Walk to nearby places instead of driving –

This will not only reduce your carbon foot prints but do extremely well to your health as well. So if you need to go some place that is at a walk able distance then consider doing some footwork rather than burning fuel. This will help in burning a few calories and will get you a good night’s sleep as well.

Park your car a little far –

In case the only way to get to a place is by driving, park your car a little far from the destination. This way you will walk two ways, once from your car to the destination and vice-versa.

Eat the most important meal of the day –

Many of us have the habit of skipping breakfast or eating a meager meal to start our day. On the contrary, your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Consider eating food items that’ll give you the required energy for the day like fruits, cereals, milk, juices etc.

Sit up and flex –

Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle; we are mostly seated for whatever work we need to do. This is not very helpful in case you want to stay fit. So whenever you are busy with a task, sit up straight and don’t slouch. Also flex some muscles on and off, especially your problem areas.

Walk while talking on phone –

If talking on the phone is a major activity of the day for you, then use this time to work out as well. Most of us have the habit to sit down and talk when on a call, but walking around while talking will work as a great exercise. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Exercise while watching T.V. –

For a change, skip the bag of chips you mostly grab when watching T.V. and opt for a pair of dumbbells. Exercising while watching T.V. is the most fun thing to do, as entertainment and workout go hand in hand.

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