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Top 10 Health Precautions When you Travel

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 May 2012

One always indulges in local cuisine and culture while traveling to different places. This can sometimes turn out to be unhealthy and very tiring. One always tends to neglect their health while traveling. We bring you 10 easy precautions that will keep you healthy so you can enjoy your vacation worry free.

1. Low Fat Snacks & Fruits

If you’re in a different country you will be going to places for sightseeing, and would need to travel by different means of commute. In such situations one tends to eat from the first place that comes in sight. Such food might affect your health and spoil your vacation. To avoid such a situation, always keep low fat snacks or fruits handy while traveling.

2. Be Hydrated

Traveling often includes long stretches of exertion for the body which can lead to dehydration. Always keep a good amount of water with you, so that wherever you are, you are well hydrated.

3. Say No to Excess Alcohol

If you’re fond of the best quality wines and other alcoholic drinks, you will not refrain from trying new ones while on a vacation. However, alcohol tends to dehydrate the body and drain it of essential energy. You must keep alcohol consumption under control to have a truly enjoyable travel experience.

4. Enough Sleep & Rest

Keeping enough time in your itinerary for proper sleep and essential rest is a must to avoid exhaustion from ruining your trip abroad. A well rested body and mind is necessary to experience the joys you travel for.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

You must always keep a comfortable pair of shoes when traveling. You never know when you’re required to walk and these will keep you comfortable after long hours of continuous walk.

6. Trek

Trekking and Hiking are one of the best ways to exercise. Always keep a little trekking a part of your travel plan. This way you can experience nature’s best and also get your dose of exercise.

7. Hand Sanitizer

During your travel you will be exposed to various types of objects. One should always have a hand sanitizer to keep away from germs that might be a threat.

8. No Excess Fried Food

Fried food is very tasty and it’s very difficult to avoid a delicacy in a new country. Fried food makes the body lethargic. Avoid it or else you will have less energy left for all that you planned to do.

9. Stretch Enough

Your travel will involve you sitting in one place for long hours. Whenever you get a chance, stretch your legs and walk around to keep your body from going stiff.

10. Relax enough and Enjoy!

Make the most of your vacation by keeping away your stressful work life and constant phone calls. Stay away from all distractions which can ruin your vacation and last but not the least, enjoy every bit of the experience just the way you planned it.

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