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Are you one of those who make a New Year resolution every year to work out hard and become fit? Do you find it difficult to stick by the resolution even before January has come to an end?  Here’s how Technology can help you take up the challenge and stay on track with your fitness goals. According to mHealthShare, a portal that provides information on mobile health applications, the mobile health apps industry is expected to grow beyond the $20 billion mark by 2018. There are around 97,000 mobile health and fitness apps to choose from already with over 4 million downloads from Google Play Store and Apple Store every day.

Here’s a look at the rising popularity of health and fitness apps:



Top Health & Fitness Gadgets

Here’s a look at the top three must-have gadgets to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution of fitness this year:

1. Omron Alvita Ultimate HJ-329 Pedometer – Keep track of the steps you take towards better health!

2This is a step counter that helps you keep track of all the steps you take through the day and resets at midnight automatically. It even celebrates when you reach the 10,000 steps mark in a day. It also helps you keep track of calories burned, distance walked and aerobic steps taken. The best part is that it is extremely easy to use and doesn’t need you to decipher any complicated instruction manual.

You can choose to wear it on your hip or carry it in your pocket or in a bag and it will work just as well. In addition, its 7-day memory allows you to access the entire week’s records. The only drawback if any is that it does not allow you to track individual workouts, you can only track the total steps for the entire day.



2. Jawbone Up24 – Improve your diet, sleep and exercise with one gadget!

3This is another easy-to-use device, this fitness tracker helps you track calories, steps and even sleep. Comfortable to wear and light, this gadget can sync with your Android phone or iPhone via Bluetooth.  The Jawbone Up24 comes in a soft and comfortable bracelet design. Its syncing app is very appealing and makes it exciting to check your data every day. It even has idle alerts and poses challenges to keep you motivated to improve your scores. The sleep tracker is an impressive add-on.

While we can expect future upgrades on compatibility, for now it can be synced with a variety of iOS devices, including the iPad and iPhone 4S. It also syncs with a variety of Android devices, including Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, Google Nexus 4, Moto G and Moto X, Sony Xperia Z1 as well as HTC One.



3. Muse – A new brainwave that helps you gain control of your emotions!

4This device is a sleek band that you can wear on your head to achieve inner peace. The gadget reads your brainwaves, by measuring electrical activity in your brain, to help you gain control over your mind. Muse helps you to get in touch with what goes on inside your brain, to understand how the brain deals with your different emotions, so that you can gain more control over your emotional state. The device, which can be worn through the day, has six sensors to measure brain activity around critical thought, speech and hearing.

Muse is said to use neuro-feedback to bring benefits similar to those achieved by regular medication. These benefits include increased focus, improved memory and even empathy.


Top Mobile Health & Fitness Apps

Keep your health your top priority with these apps that help you track your fitness on the go:

1. Practo – Book appointments with your preferred doctor on the go!

5This was voted as the best app at the Google Think Mobile Conference 2014. It helps you find the best physician near your location in India and Singapore. You can book appointments with your preferred doctor from a list of more than 1 lakh verified physicians and clinics. You can look through doctor and clinic profiles across major cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad. Not only this, you can search based on your need for Dental Care, Mental Health, Heart, Ear Nose Throat Care, Eyes/Ophthalmology, Thyroid, Skin Care, Sexologists, Pregnancy, Children/Pediatrics, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Obesity/Weight Loss, Diabetes, Spas & Wellness Centres, Hair Transplant and more.

The easy-to-use interface makes searching for doctors and booking appointments a cake walk. You can even sort physicians by your location, consultation fees and availability. You can check out qualifications, awards, profiles and more right from your mobile phone. Get timings, addresses, phone numbers and even photos before you decide. And once you are ready for your appointment, Practo will even give you directions to the location. After your appointment, you can rate your experience on the app to help others make an informed decision.


2. The Mindfulness App – Enjoy guided meditation on your fingertips!

6This app already has more than 5 lakh users worldwide. The only reason for this is that it helps you overcome the increasing stress of everyday life by helping you meditate and increase your awareness through Mindfulness practice. It guides you through a Mindfulness course, with easy to follow guided meditation techniques, where instructions are provided through a very pleasant and mellifluous voice that adds to the entire experience. And, despite the multiple functions this app fulfills, it remains easy to use.

This app allows the flexibility to customize your meditation by letting you to set reminders not only in terms of time but days of the week that you would like to meditate. You can also choose the time duration, long or short, for your sessions. You can even choose your level that is whether you are a beginner or even a veteran with a lot of practice. The benefits of meditation are proven and as Indians, we should make the most of this practice to become aware of ourselves while reducing stress. Stress build-up has been linked to the onset of various ailments, not the least of which is high blood pressure.


3. Moves by Protogeo – Track your everyday exercise and lifestyle!

7As long as you carry your phone with you wherever you go (which we do anyway), this app can help you track your everyday life and the amount of exercise you are getting. It records walking, running and cycling on a daily basis and even recognizes the places you usually visit on a regular day. It then charts out your daily routes on a map for you to see the path you take. It also offers an easy-to-read timeline to visualize your everyday life.

Use the pedometer to set yourself simple goals and count your steps. Being able to track the amount of physical activity you get in a day can help you plan your day better in terms of achieving your fitness goals. It is also compatible with a variety of other apps to give you more comprehensive data for your health.


The latest technologies are favoring a healthier YOU. Protect your own health and that of your family with the huge variety of gadgets and apps at your disposal. And don’t forget to get comprehensive health cover so that a health crisis does not snowball into a financial crisis as well. After all, the best path to fitness is through peace of mind.

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