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Taking care of our health has to be the top priority, but invariably this is the one thing we put off for lack of time. Days just fly past us with work and routine taking over every minute till such a day when we fall ill or feel age catching up dawns on us. So, why not take this one extra day in February to schedule a full Physical check up? It would be the best gift you can give yourself. Forget how healthy you are and the fact that you have no ailments; you do need to understand your body and see how all the organs are doing to keep you going strong.

It is almost like you have been granted a whole extra day just so you can focus on yourself and do something to make your life better. Don’t postpone, make the appointment and just get it done with!

Lifestyle –

Only when you do a full check up will you know of the areas that need changes, which will include making adjustments to your lifestyle. If you notice a slight increase in cholesterol levels or blood pressure, you should consider increasing your work out time, cutting down on oily food, and taking on a hobby to help beat stress.  You will have to also change your eating habits, starting with the time gap between meals, including food items that suit your body rather than those your taste buds desire.

Medication –

It is time to follow your doctor’s orders. Don’t forget to take your medication on time, be it when you are in town or travelling. It is also vital to start taking multi vitamins to keep those bones strong and your body healthy.  Don’t look at them as pills, but look at them as magic potions that will add zest to your life.

Meditation –

With age comes stress and tension. There might be days when you are stressed for no reason, or it could worry about your son or daughter living abroad. The only way to beat stress would be to calm yourself down. And this can be done by taking up meditation and yoga. A few minutes each day giving your body, mind and soul a time out and the chance to rejuvenate is all you need to do.

Now that February is here, you are close to that one extra day.  Make an appointment and keep your health in check.

Once you start taking steps to caring for your body, mind and soul, you can also look at Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance policy to help you in times of need.

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2 responses to “Use the extra day this month to get a full physical check up done”

  1. admin says:

    Hi Atul Grover,

    Family Good health offers a hospital cash benefit of Rs.500/- per day to meet out incidental expenses which are not normally covered under health insurance. This is offered irrespective of the type of room one selects during hospitalisation. In otherwords there is no pre condition that this benefit can be availed only if a shared accommodation is opted.

    As a prolonged hospitalisation can still give additional inconvenience, Family good health offers a convalesence benefit of Rs. 10000/- which is a lumpsum benefit applicable in case of hospitalisation longer than 21 days.

    Cataract claims are normally capped by Insurers as an absolute amount . But family good health offers coverage for cataract claim ( per hospitalisation) 10% on Sum Insured. A person choosing Rs.5 lakhs coverage shall get Rs.50000/-. per hospitalisation.

    4 continuous claim free year in Family Good Health will entitle the cusotmer to get reimbursement of health check up costs upto Rs.750/-

    Family Good Health is covering doctor’s consultation fees as outpatient if it is either prior to or after discharge from hospital, and to the extent it is relevant to disease for which one got hospitalised. There are no cap on number of visits.

  2. Atul Grover says:

    i would like to have ahealth insurance policy, is it different from regular mediclaim policy being offered by other co’s, i have a icici lombard mediclaim policy at the moment, but i am not happy about it, how is your policy better than icci which is finishing or vis-a-vis apollo munich, pl. tell me the advantages of your policy, does it have free check ups without hospitalization and free visit to the doctors and how many times, awaiting your reply..

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