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Women and Health Insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Mar 2011

Men often take the lead in planning finances for the family. But women have the upper hand in taking care of family. Therefore, there is no reason why women shouldn’t sit in the driver’s seat of securing family’s finances!

Here’s a guide to get started with Insurance.

1. Why should women take the lead in availing Insurance for family?

Whether a woman is a housewife or working, their instinct to care for the family is much stronger, when compared to men. Only women efficiently fill the shoes of a mother, wife and daughter. Women possess a stronger sense in assessing the needs of family.

Thus, it’s only obvious that women should take the lead in availing Insurance for the family.

2. What are the basics of Insurance which every woman should know?

Insurance is a means of securing your finances, during any unforeseen event. It’s your friend during crisis!

You can avail insurance for – home, contents in your home, health, travel, auto, business and even life, for a particular amount, referred as plan (which you can choose, as per your requirement). You would have to pay a premium amount every year to keep the policy active.

During any unforeseen event – say hospitalisation of loved one, or theft in home, etc, The Insurance Company will pay you a lump sum amount, depending on the policy and plan.

Thus, you can help get your life back on track, without the event affecting your finances!

3. How can one assess their family’s Insurance needs?

When it comes to Insurance, more the better. Insurance’s worth is proven only during times of need! Ideally, you should cover your home, contents in your home, provide health insurance for all family members and have insurance for car, if you have any.

The plan you choose depends on the amount you can spend for premium every year, health of family, number of family members, etc.

4. What are the Insurance products Royal Sundaram offers?

Royal Sundaram offers the following Insurance products :

Health Insurance OnlineTo cover bills in the event of unexpected hospitalisation.

Hospital Cash Online To help you financially by providing cash in the event of hospitalisation.

Home Insurance Online – To cover your home from natural disasters, fire or any such accident.

Home Content Online – To cover the contents of you home – TV, Fridge, Jewellery against theft, fire or any accident which may damage it.

Car Insurance Online – To cover your car/third party from road accidents, fire or any peril which may damage it.

Travel Insurance Online – To cover yourself, your home in India, while you travel abroad.

Accident Insurance Online – To cover yourself in the unfortunate event a road accident.

Business Insurance Online – To cover business against perils such as fire, loss due to electrical failure, etc.

5. Does Health Insurance cover maternity related hospitalisation?

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance does not cover hospitalisation and complications that arise during delivery.

6. Does Royal Sundaram offer any specific Insurance for women?

While Insurance needs are same for both – men and women, Royal Sundaram does offer 2 Insurance products exclusively catering to women in social sector. We offer Sakthi Health Shield and Sakthi Security Shield. You can learn more about it here.

7. What is the eligibility criteria for women to avail Insurance?

The eligibility criteria to avail Insurance depends on the Insurance product. You can view detailed information in the product page of Royal Sundaram Insurance.

8. How can one avail an Insurance Policy

Royal Sundaram offers you the convenience of availing Insurance from your home! You can choose a plan, calculate the premium and simply apply for it online. For more information, you can talk to our customer care at Toll No. 1860 425 0000. You can Email the customer support at –

You can chat with us to get a clear idea about Royal Sundaram Insurance products.

So insure and secure your world. It’s time for women to take the first step!

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