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11 Cool Indoor Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 18 Jun 2015

Summer is upon us again!  To avoid heat waves, remaining indoors can be really boring, especially for children.  While going to a hill station for a vacation would be ideal, it may not be possible for everyone due to several reasons.  If you are planning to stay at home this summer, here are eleven things you can do to make the season interesting and, that too, without burning a hole in your pocket!



1. Organize Treasure Hunt

Make an interesting treasure hunt for kids. Kids love to discover hidden things and all you need to do is hide some things at different places in your house.  Just list out the things that you have hidden and let your kids find them.  You can even invite their friends to join the fun.  Make sure that the things you have hidden are exciting enough for them.  It can be small gifts that they can keep or things like candies and cupcakes.

2. Host a Potluck Lunch

A potluck is a gathering where everyone contributes a dish that they have prepared.  Ask your friends to come to your home with one dish, prepared by them, which will be shared with all.  You should also prepare a dish to contribute.  Once everyone has arrived with their dishes, just relax, chat about the weather and enjoy a variety of treat. This is a nice way to host an informal gathering and, the best part is that it is easy on the host’s budget.

3. Start a Craft Project

Craft projects require a lot of time and patience which is usually not available during your regular schedule.  Summer is a great time to let your kids start a craft project.  It will help them develop creative skills and keep them engaged.  There are various crafting activities like paper craft, card making, jewelry making and knitting; and they can choose any of them according to their interest.  You can also consider buying craft kits for your children, which come with images and instructions for the project.  If you find yourself short on crafting ideas, you can always search online for ideas and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.  Is the creative person inside you also getting excited about this idea?  Why not pick up a project for yourself?  You can do anything from knitting to crochet and painting to beads work.

4. Throw a Costume Party

Do you miss the childhood fun of fancy dress competitions when you dressed up as turtle or a fairy?  Relive those moments this summer by hosting a costume party and asking everyone to come dressed in a costume of their choice.  To make it more interesting, you can choose a theme such as a movie (like Harry Potter) and everyone should dress up like one of the characters.  If possible, you can give away gifts to the best dressed people.

5. A Barbecue Dinner

After a long hot day, what better way to unwind than enjoying grilled delicacies on your terrace with your family and friends?  A barbecue always makes the surrounding more enjoyable.  The experience is similar to a campfire on a wintry evening.  Make everyone sit around the barbecue and let them crack jokes, tell stories and enjoy the night sky.

6. Learn Cooking

If you don’t know much about cooking, summer is a good time to learn and experiment.  You can get hold of a recipe book or find recipes online.  Try making some refreshing smoothies, coolers or cold desserts.  These are easy to make and your family will surely love and appreciate your culinary skills.

7. Read Books

It is said that those who don’t read are as good as those who can’t read! This summer, you can try and finish some books that you may have wanted to read for a long time.  While nothing can match the experience of reading a paper book, you may also read e-books on your computer or a tablet.  Read whatever you enjoy reading – fiction, non-fiction, novels or fairy tales.  Also, get your children some books to read.  Inculcating the habit of reading in your children will help them in their overall development.  To make reading more interesting and a collective exercise, you can ask your kids to tell you the stories, but, be careful not to make it look like an exam. And, of course, you can share excerpt from the book on Facebook to get several likes and comments!

8. Learn Yoga

Use your free time to improve your overall health and get fit. Yoga is known to be a complete exercise as it encompassed physical, mental and spiritual aspects.  It can help you alleviate health problems, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.  Yoga can be done right in the comfort of your home and you can find online instructions for exercises suitable for you.  If you need, you can also hire a home instructor who will teach Yoga at home.  This form of exercise can be great fun when done in a group.  You can do Yoga with your friends by making the instructor teach Yoga to the entire group.

9. Pick a Hobby

Hobbies are the biggest casualties of our busy lives.  This summer, take out some time to develop a new hobby or nurture your existing one.  It can be anything like gardening, photography, playing the guitar, singing, dancing or writing.  The idea is to utilize the time that you spend at home for your personal development with an activity that you enjoy.

10. Make a Family Scrapbook

Remember the time when you used to spend hours seeing old photographs in albums? With digital cameras and cell phone cameras, we click pictures too often but don’t look at them often enough. This summer, spend time browsing all the photos that you have clicked, sorting them and compiling them in groups.  Creating scrapbooks or collages of pictures of different events like a particular trip or an occasion is a great idea.  Do it with your family so that everyone gets to relive memories.  You can make an online scrapbook, or better, take prints of selected pictures and make a physical scrapbook.

11. Relax and Indulge

The simplest thing that you can do this summer is to relax.  Do whatever makes you feel relaxed, whether it is meditation or getting a spa treatment at home.  Use the free time to give your mind and body the required rest and also the pampering that it misses on busy days.  You can just watch a movie while eating popcorn to your heart’s content or spend time bonding with your partner over a cup of tea in the evening.

While you are having the summer fun with these activities, you can also use this time to complete some tasks that may be pending for long. Your home protects you from the summer heat and keeps you safe. Don’t compromise on keeping it safe. Get a good security system for your house and then put the protective shield of a home and home content insurance on it. May your home always be filled with sounds of laughter and happiness!

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