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5 Gadgets You Need to Upgrade Your House With

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 12 Feb 2014

In the age of high tech phones and tablets, can you afford to miss the #1 position in your neighbourhood’s ‘who’s got the best gadgets’ competition?  We live in a universe of technological developments and we love it. This is because these gadgets touch our lives and make it more convenient, safer and connected. Gear up, for here are the 5 coolest gadgets that you must have to upgrade your house to be the talk of the town.

house1. Music Pillow

Those who love to listen to music before dozing off, but don’t wish to disturb others, would love the music pillow. Especially adapted speakers are embedded in your pillow and plugged to your music device (phone or MP3 player). You can enjoy your favorite songs or listen to e-books being read out to you.


2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Lifting heavy vacuum cleaners to clean the house is a thing of the past. Now you can get robot vacuum cleaners that will do all the work for you and get your home spotless clean! Let your little ones roll on the floors; as the robot cleaner is smart with its infrared sensors that allow it to move only on the floor while not hitting objects or people that may get in its way. This gadget is lighter and more efficient than the conventional vacuum cleaners.

3. Bedjet System

Are you unable to sleep like a baby because of the weather. There’s a solution to this. The bedjet system latches onto the side of your bed and keeps blowing cool or warm air in between the sheets. So, while you remain comfortable, you save energy too. Rather than cool or heat your entire bedroom, you can simply ensure that your bed is the cosiest place for the soundest sleep.

4. Plug-less Eco Kitchens

This is the most eco-friendly kitchen possible. It has no electrical sockets and uses renewable sources of energy to create electricity. Vegetable wastes are used as fertilizers for plants and water that would have dripped into the sink is channelized to water plants. This would be a great step towards sustainable development.

5. Smart Keys

What if your phone could open your front door for you? Yes, that is possible with smart keys. It is a small device that can be accommodated inside your phone case. When you take it near your front door and tap the gadget, it activates the RFID antenna in your door and unlocks it.

These products can improve your lifestyle. And don’t forget to invite your family and friends over, so that they can admire your latest gadgets!

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