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9 Easy Home Security Tips You Should Know About!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 27 Oct 2020

Easy Home Security Tips

Buying your own home is a big moment for any family! It brings joy and positivity to everyone in the family, and there are many happy memories that you make there. That makes securing your home extremely important. With the right security equipment and services, you can keep your home safe and minimize any damage that an untoward incident may cause.

So, check out these simple house protection tips and keep your home safe for years to come:

  1. Consider installing a home security system

A home security system will play a major role in securing your home. It offers protection against burglaries and the unpredictable. Most of these systems available today are easy to install and the companies offer hassle-free professional installation. Security systems include motion detection, entryway sensors, 24/7 professional monitoring, and more.

These systems can also send alerts to you if any sensors are triggered. You can also add video doorbells and smart locks for extra protection. They also provide smartphone access to the system, making it simpler to manage and control.

  1. Secure the Doors

Many burglars don’t have to do much to break into your home. A weak door is all they need to gain entry. So, inspect your exterior doors and make sure that the frames are strong, and the hinges are protected. You should also install a deadbolt to resist forced entry.

  1. Secure the windows

The readymade latches on your windows aren’t always too effective. The windows are used by burglars to enter the house and that’s why they need to be well-guarded. Beef up the security with locks or key-operated levers. You can also use reinforced glass with window security film or install glass break sensors and window bars.

  1. Install security cameras

Security cameras are a great option even if you don’t opt for a security system. Their presence alone will act as a deterrent for many burglars or thieves. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from including the standard CCTV cameras that need local storage. You can also opt for smart security cameras that you can control using your smartphone. Just make sure that you have secure storage with encryption for your videos to keep it safe from hackers.

  1. Improve your outdoor lighting

If your home comes with a yard, then getting outdoor lighting is a wise decision. Any thieves looking to make an entry into your home will be deterred from doing so if you have motion sensor flood lights on your porch. That’s because bright spaces are harder to hide in.

  1. Get a Safe

If you have valuables at home such as jewelry, cash, important documents, etc. getting a safe is a great option. Ensure that you purchase a safe that’s fire-resistant and waterproof. Also, make sure that the safe is heavy enough to make it impossible to be carried away.

  1. Consider Getting a Dog

Apart from being the best boy out there, a dog will act as an excellent deterrent for a break-in attempt. Burglars tend to avoid homes with dogs as they keep a keen lookout for intruders.

  1. Get Protection Against Fire

It is important to secure your home from fire as small accidents can lead to a major tragedy. Install smoke detectors in your house. You will receive an alert in case of a fire. You should also test the devices once a month to make sure that they are working and replace the battery as needed.

  1. Get Insurance

Even after preparing for every situation, you never know when a calamity can befall. That’s where a home insurance comes in. Building insurance will cover damage caused by natural disasters like cyclones or hurricanes, fire, and much more. While household articles insurance will cover household contents, jewelry, loss of cash, house appliances, and more.


We hope that with these tips you’ve learned how to secure your home and are ready to make amazing memories with your loved ones!

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