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How colors influence your decision?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Sep 2010

Nature holds the timeless secret to its unique color palette. Colors have different meaning in different culture. From the days of primitive man, colors have been helping us to interpret moods and feelings.

Red for danger and purple as inedible have been the collective rule. Scientists agree that colors also do a subtle task of, “influencing our moods”.


Know the significance of few basic colors before you can use them in your home:

Red is a stimulant
Use a toned down shade of red in your home as it overpowers and can lead to headaches. Instead, design your living and dining areas with red colored accessories to promote a sociable, lively feeling, and for bon appetite.

Green is nature
Calming and stable; Green balances our energy levels right. Paint your living room and bedrooms in cool lime green or warm forest green undertones. Add hues of Orange and Red to make it livelier and cheerful.

Blue is dynamic
From the deep sea to the open skies, cooler shades of blue induce a soothing atmosphere. Blue promotes intellectual thoughts and prevents nightmares. Color your bedroom, bath area or study space in blue. Brilliant blues are more dramatic and vivid, apt for the kid’s room.

Yellow is sunshine
Like the rising sun at dawn, yellow spells rays of optimism, enlightenment and happiness. It sparks creative thoughts and best suited for living room, dining and kitchen area. Golden yellow suggests success and prosperity, most common in religious rituals.

White is elegance
White symbolizes purity and cleanliness. It enlivens a bright and spacious ambiance, more proper for kitchen and bath area. Use silvery white to add luster and sparkle to your home decor.

Color your walls and rooms right to enjoy every precious moment with your family members. After all, there can be no better place to relax than your home, sweet home!

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One response to “How colors influence your decision?”

  1. sonali nitin nerurkar says:

    Its true we really feel the effect happy to read more information

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