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Create a Relaxing Environment to Stay Stress-Free at Home

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 Aug 2013

HomeA stress-free environment is all that we all look forward to after coming back home at the end of a hectic day. Home is where our heart is, and it is our responsibility to create a soothing atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation which would make us feel at complete ease and peace. The following would guide you to having a wonderfully stress-free home ambience:



1. Get rid of clutter and make more space to move and relax: Follow a regime to give a minimalist look to your home. Make sure to clean it up and keep it tidy all the time by getting away with the clutter which can be anything from strewn papers, heaps of clothes, an overcrowded table, disorganized items etc.

2. Keep your home environment free from bad odour and noise pollution: Get rid of stench from soggy clothes, shoes and socks, dustbin in the kitchen, insecticides and mosquito coils etc. as it creates an unpleasant ambience. Similarly, a noisy house with loud volumes either from digital, mechanical or human sources leads to chaos inside the head. Get rid of these elements.

3. Choose the colours of your walls, furniture, curtains, door and windows carefully: Certain colours have a soothing and relaxing effect on your eyes, mind and emotions unlike dark, loud and bright colours, which stir excitement and strong feelings. Hence, use subtle, understated and light colours like pastel blue, mint green, light peach and cream for your curtains, walls, doors and windows accordingly.

4. Play a soothing devotional or instrumental song: Playing a soothing and sweet melodious instrumental or a devotional song with a calming effect always offers that much-required peace of mind. However, make sure to play it in a low volume. Music has therapeutic effects which brings relaxation and drives away stress.

5. Keep indoor and outdoor plants in your room and balcony: The sight of greenery in the form of flowering and decorative plants always soothes your eyes and mind. Besides, it also contributes to a healthy level of oxygen in the house and around. It would hence always decrease your level of stress to see the innocent green leaves with beautiful flowers adorning them.

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