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How we design our home and our choices of building materials hugely influences our healthy living and cleaner environment. A GREEN HOME adopts sustainable principles to lower energy and water usage. It ultimately minimizes our impact on global warming effect.

Now the Indian Green Building Council has introduced a system of rating the residential buildings as green homes. This system is India’s first foray in the sector. It will rate a building’s infrastructure, eco friendly design, waste management, water and other natural resource conservation systems, among others.

Even though we cannot right away build new green homes out of our conventional houses, we can definitely fit in greener practices in our homes. Try to apply these green alternatives in your homes:

  • Use low energy lamps.
  • Paints, varnishes, glues and adhesives, all emit toxic gases which pollute the indoor air quality.
  • Use non-toxic, clay-based paint and glues, throughout the house.
  • You can install the solar panels and use the sunlight to heat water for domestic purposes.
  • Adopt rainwater harvesting practices as an ideal solution to long-term water sufficiency plans.
  • Use separate garbage cans for paper, plastic/aluminum recyclables and organic wastes.
  • Recycle, reuse and reduce the amount of landfill.
  • Grow (decorative) plants in and around the house.

A blend of innovative green ideas with high end technology is sure to spruce up our urban spaces, a step ahead to save our planet from environmental threats.

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One response to “Do you care for the environment? Here are a few ways to go green! Eco-centric plan for an environment friendly home”

  1. R.Veera Senthil Kumar says:

    Really nice article. These are timely advices as the global is facing lot of challenges in this area nowadays.

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