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Get the best Air Conditioner this summer

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 27 Apr 2011

Mercury is soaring everywhere! Many people nowadays are loosening their purse strings a little to buy an AC. If you are looking to purchase new AC or replace your old one this summer, the following tips can help you get the best deal.

Choosing the room –

Choosing the right room to install the air conditioner is important (if you plan to have it in only one room). It will reflect in the electricity bill!

If you have a choice between 2 or more rooms, pick the smallest one. The energy required to cool a smaller room is lesser. Also, you can select a lower capacity AC.

  • Pick room which has shade outside. ACs cannot perform optimally if external temperature is too high. Hence, a shade can be helpful.
  • The AC unit (part outside your window) should have enough fresh air around it for efficient cooling.
  • Inside the room, keep the bed/chair closer to AC, as the cooled air is best circulated around it.

Choosing the AC –

There are a plethora of choices available in the market today, to fit everyone’s budget. Look beyond the price tag! Here are a few things you should consider.

  • AC Type – The popular choices are – Window and Split Air Conditioner. Efficiency-wise, both would use the same amount of electricity. For Window AC’s installation, you would have to spend to get the window prepared. Window AC is also noisier. However, Split AC costs more than its Window counterpart.
  • Capacity – Choosing an AC of right capacity is important. A low capacity AC, may not cool the room when you really require it. A very high capacity AC, would consume a lot of power, and the room will chill too quickly without removing moisture from air effectively. According to a rule, roughly 100 sq ft of room requires AC of 1 ton.
  • Energy Rating – Most appliances today come with an Energy rating, which implies how efficiently it uses electricity. Higher the rating, better is its performance. In India, you have to look for the BEE-rating out of 5 (BEE=Bureau of Energy Efficiency). ACs with high BEE rating is more expensive, but in the long run, it is a smarter option (lower electricity bills!).

Finalising the brand –

2 AC units of different brands with same stats may differ in performance! Choosing the better is not difficult either.  You can do that with –

  • Neighbours’ opinions – Before you buy an AC, ask your neighbours about their opinion and experience with their ACs. Check reviews of AC and company’s service, online. It would certainly help you to zero-in on a few brands.
  • A check at showroom – Visit a showroom and check out all the brands you wish to buy. See if the AC has energy settings, if its filters are easy to clean (you’d have to do this frequently), if it offers additional features which can be useful. This information will help you make the final choice!

Start searching and buy an AC before summer takes the centre stage. We hope this article helps you make a good decision and lets you enjoy the magic of winter in summer!

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