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Do-it-yourself home decorations you would love to make!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 24 Jan 2011

A home without decorations looks dull. Shopping for items may burn a hole in your pocket! So why not get a little creative and create it yourself. It’s not very difficult to make eye capturing home decorations.

Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas you’ll love!

Collage –Dig into old calendars, magazines filled with sceneries. You can find pictures of a good resolution over the net, which you can print. Create a nice a collage of these images and frame it. Try to maintain a flow of colours or couple together pictures of contrasting colours.

Kirigami –The craft project of school days can be a great way to decorate your home! All you have to do is select a marble paper of your choice, fold it and let the scissors and your imagination do the magic. You can either stick it over another marble paper of a different colour and frame it, or stick it on a cellophane paper and give a lighting effect for it. The coloured light emerging from the patterns of Kirigami would simply look amazing!

Vase –You can use your old cola bottles to make a pretty vase. Just cut off the narrow part of the top. Fill 1 inch of the bottle with stones or nuts and bolts, or the vase will topple! Decorate the bottle with fancy paper or simply stick colourful ribbons. You can fill it with fresh or artificial flowers – your choice!

Tie-dye table cloth –You can create an attractive table cloth using the tie-dye technique. Measure the length and width of the table before you begin.

Buy a dye colour of your choice. Tie thread at different places on the cloth. You can even tie an old 5 or 10 paise coins for unique shaped designs. Follow the instructions behind the packet to dye the cloth.

Once the cloth dries, you have a bright and colourful table cloth! You can even recycle an old faded bed sheet.

Shadow box –You can use old toys, dolls, medals, etc and create a beautiful shadow box. Paint the interiors of any old box, or stick colourful paper. Put dolls, medals, toys or anything you like! You can go a step further and create a scene inside it. For example, you can add toy utensils with a doll and create the scene of a kitchen. Or, you can put a toy train in the box and create trees and mountains with thermocol to create a scene of train passing through mountains. Finally, seal the box with a sheet of plastic and keep it in your showcase!

Clay doll –You can create mini-statues at home. All you have to do is get some clay from hardware store. Mix it in optimum quantity of water. You can easily fill the dough in moulds or give shape to it with your hands. This process can be messy, so do use gloves!

Once it dries, you can either paint it or stick beads, bits of mirror or colourful glass on it.

Do try these ideas. It can be a fun project you’ll love!

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