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Home remedies for relief from burns this Diwali

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 06 Nov 2012

What’s the celebration of Diwali without the bright sparks of crackers? Also, the festival of lights seems dull without the tiny diyas placed in every corner of the house. But this spirit of the festival can sometimes create nuisance if not paid attention to. Children and elders alike are prone to encountering burns when in the mood to enjoy festival.

In case of burn, what you do in the first few minutes makes a whole lot of difference in how well your skin heals.  Here are a few tips by which you can get some instant relief.

  • The immediate thing to do in case of burns is to cool the affected area. This can be done by pouring cold water on the burnt area. But avoid applying ice as it can make the burn even worse. Remember cool and not cold water will stop the burning from spreading through your tissues.
  • Milk too can be used to sooth the burning sensation. All you have to do is soak burned area in the milk for 15 minutes or you can apply a cloth soaked in milk to the injured area. The fat content in the milk soothes the burns and promotes healing.
  • You can also apply toothpaste generously on the wound and keep it overnight. The burn will cease to pain by next morning and there will hardly be any burning sensation.
  • Cut a slice of potato and keep on the burns. The starch present in the potato neutralizes the burn, pain and prevents scarring.
  • Honey applied over the burns helps to cool the sensation as well. It reduces the pain and aids fast healing.
  • Lavender oil takes the sting out of the burns, accentuates healing and prevents scars. To do so, clean the burn with mild soap and water. Next mix lavender oil with   almond or olive oil in the ratio of 1:3. Apply this mixture on the wound and leave it uncovered.
  • In case of minor burns, you can also apply mustard on the burned area. This may sting but does help to take the pain away and reduces blisters and scarring.

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