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How can I reduce pollution at home?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Jun 2013

The little ways of saving our environment start from our very home. Unknowingly, each day we add in a considerable amount of pollutants in the atmosphere through our day-to-day chores at home. The two most common pollutions that households contribute to are air and water pollution. Here are some tips to cut them down at your end –



Preventing water pollution –

  • Stop the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers at home. If you do so, use them sparingly. Preferably use natural manure for your gardening requirement.
  • Avoid draining chemical fluids down the drain.
  • Use as less soap as possible when washing your car at home. The more chemical you throw down the drain the more pollutants will enter the natural water bodies.
  • Use environmentally friendly household products like toiletries, soap-based household cleaning material.
  • Do not throw litter into streams, lakes, rivers, or seas.

Preventing air pollution –

  • Emitting CFCs in the environment can deplete the ozone layer, which happens to be a natural filter against the harmful rays of the sun. So you buy hair, body and cleaning products that are not aerosol based spray cans.
  • Avoid exposure to smoke by not lighting cigarettes or cigars indoors. This will do oodles of good to your health too.
  • Make sure your home is well ventilated at all times. This also helps to reduce pollution. So keep the doors and windows between rooms open whenever possible.
  • When dusting the house, use a moist piece of cloth. The dust will stick to the cloth and will not be sent in the air.
  • Add some greenery to your home. Plant some indoor and outdoor plants to keep the air fresh and oxygenated.
  • Scented candles and essence sticks produce tiny particles of pollution known as particulates that can inflame the respiratory tract and aggravate asthma. So avoid using them. Freshen up the room with a vase of fresh flowers instead.

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