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How to File a Building Insurance Claim

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 31 Oct 2018

When it comes to filing a building insurance claim, you need to be aware of 2 important things:

  • * What are the risks covered by the policy?
  • * What are the exclusions of the policy?

These questions will help you ease the process of claim settlement. By knowing the extent of your coverage, you can avoid complications and reduce the risk of a faulty claim.

In case of an accident, here’s a general outline of the claim settlement process that you can follow:

  • * Before anything, ensure that you or any other inhabitants in the building are safe. Also take steps to avert the damage as much as you can, and contact the relevant authorities. (Fire station, police station, hospitals, etc.)
  • * Notify your insurance agent or company at the earliest. You can either call, email or fax them, explaining the damage in detail.
  • * If possible, take pictures of the damage inflicted on the property as documented proof. Additionally, all bills/receipts of any housing-related services you may have availed after the accident should be kept safely. Your insurance provider might need these details to settle your claim.
  • * Provide a duly filled claims form, along with all the necessary supporting documents. Your insurer may ask for some specific documents, depending on the nature of accident and extent of damage, like FIR, report from meteorological dept., invoices, title deed, etc.
  • * Ensure you provide all and any information regarding the origin, cause and the extent of the circumstance because of which loss/damage occurred. To assess the same, the insurance company may assign a surveyor/investigator to your case.
  • * After the claim is validated and processed, your insurance company will offer you a suitable reimbursement as per the benefits payable by your policy.

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