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How to Prepare Your Home Before You Leave for a Vacation

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Sep 2012

How to prepare your home before VacationVacations and holidays ring bells of happy times. There are a number of preparations to be done. Apart from the preparations you need to make for the trip, there are various maintenance preparations that you need to look into for your home as well. Sure while you are out on a vacation your home will be shut tight, but you still need to take necessary measures to ensure your home remains just as you leave it. Here are a few home maintenance tips you should adopt –


1. The first thing on your agenda should be to stop all delivery services to your home like milk, newspaper etc. around the time you are not around. This will not only save the additional expense but will also ensure your home is safe.

2. In case you have plants at home, consider contacting a trusted friend who stays close by or a neighbour to water them daily. This will also give your home a more lived-in look.

3. If you have pets at your place then hand them over to a friend of yours who also has pets or someone who is willing to take care of them. In case no such option is available then have your pets cared for at a boarding service.

4. Make sure all your water faucets are shut. Turn off your water supply at the main valve. This eliminates any chances of leaks or any other damage that could happen due to water overflow.

5. Unplug all electric appliances that you do not need to keep running until you’re back. This will save electricity and reduce dangers that could be caused due to a short circuit or any electrical failure.

6. Do not forget to turn off the gas supply.

7. You would want to empty your refrigerators of any perishable items. Avoid grocery shopping until extremely essential as your date of departure comes closer. Also, after you empty your refrigerator and switch it off, line the insides with newspaper to avoid growth of fungus.

8. Cover your furniture with sheets to avoid dust from settling on it. Cover furniture like sofas and beds essentially as dust may tend to settle on the mattress and leave an odor.

9. In case you have a security system, then set it on before leaving. Also, ensure that people tending to your house have the codes to turn it off and your emergency numbers.

And while preparing for all this, make sure you get ultimate solution for security while you are away – a Travel Insurance plan with Home Cover

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