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How to Secure Your Home

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 May 2014

There is no place like home.  – L. Frank Baum

Your abode is definitely the best place for you to be in. Wherever you may be, you want to get back to the place you call home, the place where you can be just yourself, the place where you are not judged. But what if your home is intruded by burglars? What security measures have you taken to make your home safe? And, theft is not the only risk your home is exposed to. There could be other threats to your beautiful dwelling as well. Here are some safety measures you should take to secure your home.


Security Tips for Your Home

From burglary to fire, your home is exposed to a number of potential risks. Take the following safety measures to guard against such risks.

Install Motion Sensors: Thanks to the advancement of technology, now you can use a variety of motion sensors to protect your house from intrusions. The device works by turning motion into electronic signals. Depending on your requirements, you can install door sensors, window sensors, or glass break sensors. The basic idea is that the sensor would trigger a security alarm when it would detect an intruder in the house.

Change the Locks Regularly: Remember that thieves can keep close watch on your house, and can even manage to get a duplicate keyset of your house. Make sure that you keep changing the locks of your house after every few years. Also, make sure that only a few trusted members of your family have access to your house keys. Keep the keys in safe place so that anyone coming to your house would not have access to those.

Install Fences and Bright Lights:  Heavy fencing would definitely discourage the intruders. Also, consider installing bright lights outside the house and at various entry points. It will act as a deterrent for the unwanted visitors and will also prevent them from getting into your home undetected.

Keep the Contact Number of the Police Station Handy: In an emergency situation, you will need to call the local police station, so do not forget to keep the number handy. The caretakers of law are the ones who would be able to provide you help under any unfavourable circumstance.

Keep a Dog: Who could be more faithful than a dog? Consider getting a dog for additional security. Remember that dogs can sense a danger well before humans can. This is because dogs have an acute sense of hearing and smell. They will be able to alert you about a possible danger well in advance.

Install a Fire Security System: A fire could break out with the slightest of carelessness. Make sure that you get a fire alarm system installed at your home. Also, get fire proof wiring done at your place.

With these simple steps, you can make your home a much more secure place to live in. Follow these safety tips and make your home not just the best but also the safest place to live.

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