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How to Weather-Proof Your Home

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 Aug 2016


Monsoon brings a relief from the tyrant heat of the sun. Most of us enjoy the coolness of monsoon, and the plush greenery that follows it. However, what majority of the home owners shirk this season for the damage it causes to the house’s exteriors.

Heavy downpours can damage both the interiors and exteriors of your home.  Leaking walls, fungus on the wooden furniture or muggy floors are commonly observed during the monsoons. By making a few simple adjustments and changes, you can prevent your home from the negative effects of the rains.

Check out these amazing weather proofing techniques for your home.

Check for cracks and leakages: Leakage in the house is the most common cause of worry during monsoons. You will always find walls and rooftops of your house leaking, which is why it is vital to get them repaired beforehand. Take the help of an expert or you can also use waterproof adhesives to fill in the cracks.

Fix all the loose electric wires: Are there any exposed or unattended electric wires at your place? Then get them covered or repaired as soon as possible. Exposed electric wires can be dangerous as they can result in short circuit due to heavy downpours. And if you have little children at home, take extra care of their safety by using safety sockets.

Safeguard your furniture: High level of moisture in the air can spoil the wooden furniture. Keep all your furniture polished. Wipe it every day with a dry cloth. You can also use cleaning agents that are specially made for wooden furniture.

Mop the floor using cleaning agents: Muggy and wet floor can easily attract insects and bugs during monsoons. Ensure that you keep it dry and clean as much as possible. Use cleaning agents that repels insects.

Keep the drains at home clean: During monsoons, drain lines often get clogged. Clogged drains may result in breeding of infection causing insects, thereby affecting health. To avoid this, it is recommended to do regular cleaning of drainage system.

Weatherproofing your home will surely save it from any form of damage caused due to monsoons. And to protect your home from the financial impact of damages caused due to natural disasters, a home insurance policy is recommended. This policy acts as a financial shield to pay off for the cost of repairs.

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